Monday, November 6, 2023

Why Landlords Are Considering Letting Tenants Have Pets

Being a pet-lover and living in a rented apartment can be tricky. There was a time when many landlords would reject tenants with pets. Ultimately, nowadays, the concept of pet friendly apartments is gaining significant traction, and for a good reason. 

Indeed, landlords are discovering that allowing tenants to have pets can be a win-win situation for everyone. Unsure why tenants should be allowed to have pets and how it could benefit their landlords too? Carry on reading to find out. 

Mental health benefits of having a pet 

One of the most compelling reasons for landlords to embrace pet friendly policies is the undeniable positive impact on the mental well-being of tenants. Numerous studies have shown that pet ownership can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. For a lot of tenants who may be dealing with the pressures of daily life, a furry friend can provide emotional support, companionship, and an overall improved quality of life. 

Besides, the presence of pets can also create a soothing atmosphere, which helps establish a harmonious living environment. Tenants are more likely to stay longer in a place they can share their lives with a beloved pet. In other words, allowing tenants to have pets can also reduce tenant turnover, which means that landlords can have a more stable and dependable source of rental income.

Protection benefits

While there is no denying that most people will choose a pet for mental health benefits, there is another important aspect of pet ownership that needs to be addressed. For single women living alone, having a pet is also a source of protection for security reasons. For instance, large dog breeds are known for their protective instincts, which make them a natural deterrent against potential intruders. 

A barking dog can serve as a warning signal, potentially preventing break-ins or other criminal activities. Landlords who allow tenants to have pets may also enhance the safety of their rental properties. 

Responsibilities as pet owners

Allowing your tenants to keep a pet is one thing. But landlords also need to ensure that their tenants understand the responsibilities of a pet owner. Therefore, it can be helpful to create clear and well-defined pet policies that also establish what the landlord expects from their tenants when it comes to pet care, pet maintenance, and more. For instance, for new pet owners, it may be worth creating an informative booklet that lets them know about the importance of toys, appropriate bedding, daily walks, and grooming for the well-being of the pet. This will prevent damage to the property as well, as pets who are not cared for tend to scratch, urinate on, or even chew furniture!

Contrary to the misconception, tenants with pets are not more challenging to manage. In fact, evidence suggests they can be excellent and responsible renters. The commitment required to care for a pet can often translate into a sense of responsibility that extends to the property. Pet owners are also more inclined to maintain a clean living space and address any maintenance concerns promptly. 

Additionally, they are more likely to stay long-term in properties that let them keep their pets, reducing the costs and stress associated with looking for new tenants. 


  1. I would love to have a cat in my apartment, but the $300 nonrefundable pet deposit is stopping me.

  2. I can understand a lot of the reasons for landlords not wanting to allow pets. I think that a good chunk of pet owners are responsible.

  3. hooray! a house is not a home without 4 legged friends.

  4. I love this, I know many who suffer from depression and anxiety, and there pets help so much.

  5. I wish my landlord would let me have a pet.

  6. it seems like more are allowing pet but they want a pet deposit also, well where I live anyways

  7. These are just some of the benefits of having a pet as part of the family and I do hope that our landlord is one of those who is considering changing their policy on pet ownership in our apartment complex

  8. This is one of those situations where Im completely on the side of both tenant and landlord. I doubt I could ever land on a definite opinion because Ive never been a landlord, however Im completely empathetic to them when I consider the risks.
    On the other hand, Im a pet mom so I could never consider living anywhere that didnt allow pets.

  9. It is so hard to find apartments around here that will allow pets. I wish more would allow them .

  10. I think it's a good idea to allow more tenants have pets. I know my sister can't and she hates it.

    Lauren @

  11. I have never thought of dogs protecting apartments from theft/burglaries!

  12. I think people should be allowed to have pets in their apartments. I would never rent from someone that does not allow. I know most pet owners take care of their pets and are responsible .

  13. thankyou for all the information


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