Monday, September 11, 2023

Save 40% OFF Your First Month Subscription To Mallow, Nola and Perfect Keto Bars!


It’s time to RAISE THE BAR! 

And by “raise the bar” I mean: make that keto life easier, more affordable, and tastier. The best way to do that? Put it on auto-pilot with a subscription. 

When you subscribe to Perfect Keto’s MVP Mallow Munch Bars, Nola Bars, or Perfect Keto Bars, you’ll:

Save 40% off your first month
Score free shipping, every time
Never run out of clean, keto snacks 🍫

…plus, you save 20% on all subsequent months. 🤑

These bars make super convenient snacks or grab-n-go breakfasts if you’re looking to manage your weight and give your blood sugar some TLC. And because of the top shelf, oh-so-clean ingredients, you’ll get sustained energy – without the sugar crash that comes with other snack bars. 

You can pause, skip a month, or cancel your subscription easily at any time. 

As we gear up to go into fall, raise the bar on your keto routine by subscribing to snack bars that make it easier and more delicious to stay on track. 💪

Raise The Bar


  1. i had never heard of these before but they look awesome

  2. The mallow munch bars sound so good, going to have to try them!

  3. This is a great deal! I really want to try the Mallow Munch Bars!


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