Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Office Blues: How to Raise the Mood at Work

Working in an office can sometimes feel like an endless rollercoaster ride - exhilarating and exasperating at once! But don't despair! We have some tricks up our sleeve that'll have everyone skipping (metaphorically, of course!) down the halls soon enough!

The Sound of Happiness

Music can do wonders to uplift moods, so why not make Beethoven and Beyonce our friends at work? Make an office playlist collaborative, inviting everyone to contribute their own uplifting songs, then let it play softly in the background for optimal productivity - you never know, that shy guy from IT might surprise you with his vast knowledge of 80's glam rock!

Aesthetics Matter

Have you ever walked into a room filled with vibrant artwork and sunlight pouring through windows, and instantly felt your spirits lift? That is the power of aesthetics - so let's celebrate office plants and pop-art posters, brighten up our workspace with unique personal style - whether that means desk lamps with quirky shades, eye-catching mouse pads or fluffy unicorn cushions to lift our mood and increase productivity - let's unleash our inner interior designers and get our workspaces looking their best!

Embrace EMF Protection

In today's digital era, our workplaces are filled with electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from computers, printers, Wi-Fi routers and other electronic devices - and overexposure to them can lead to fatigue, headaches and stress. While you can't physically see them, EMF exposure may result in fatigue headaches or stress-induced conditions. Add an exciting boost to the office environment by adopting EMF protection devices! These helpful gadgets can neutralize harmful EMFs, creating a healthier work environment. EMF protection devices such as shielding devices is an investment worth making; creating an EMF-free zone in your office will make all team members happier, healthier and boost morale like never before! Give employees relief from electronic pollution in an atmosphere free of electronic smog; watch as moods are lifted higher than any skyscraper!

The Power of Positivity

Don't underestimate the impact of positivity on office mood. We've all been there: afternoon slump hits, and office atmosphere seems as lively as an unmoving tortoise. Now is the time to inject some positivity! Create a "Good News Jar". Be sure to gather together every Friday during team meetings, ask each member of your staff to contribute positive moments both big and small on pieces of paper and place them in a jar for you to read aloud at team meeting time. Not only does this create an opportunity to focus on positives but it's also a bonding exercise! Laughter, encouragement and positivity can spread like wildfire - so spread them around! Did you know that improving office morale could be as easy as acknowledging someone's new haircut or celebrating their triumph at finally fixing that jammed printer?

Breaks and Bonding

All work and no play can make the office an unpleasant environment. So spice things up by encouraging employees to take lunch breaks together or organize short, enjoyable activities that don't involve staring at spreadsheets - like 15-minute yoga sessions to stretch out desk-induced kinks, or maybe a lunchtime trivia challenge for some friendly competition. Remember it doesn't need to be extravagant; even an informal breakout area with board games can help foster conversations and foster camaraderie within teams; every little helps towards creating positive energy throughout your office environment! Let break times become mood-lifting moments full of relaxation while creating ripples of positivity throughout your workplace!

Enhancing office atmosphere doesn't take an abundance of work; all it requires is some creativity, initiative and humor! A happy office means increased productivity so let's bring on those good vibes!


  1. Even Mondays won't feel so blue with these hacks!

  2. Great tips! There is quite a bit of drama where I work, that and negative people everywhere. I'll need to try some of these Monday.

  3. I enjoyed reading these tips on boosting mood at work. With the return to office movement pushing forward for many companies I feel low moods are going to be an issue. These tips could help.

  4. Great tips, Susie. Thank you! :)

  5. These are great tips. thanks for sharing.

  6. Great tips. I would like to work for a more positive work environment.

  7. Wonderful tips! I put a lot of plants into our treatment area - it is something small, but it really does brighten up the room!

  8. I buy books, DVDS, toys. They have a great selection!

  9. Never thought about protecting myself from EMF exposure.

  10. Great tips! i love the idea of the yoga break. I am a caregiver and usually the only employee on duty, but I am going to try this myself when my clients are sleeping.

  11. These are great tips, thank you for sharing. I am no longer working but will pass these along to my children and grandchildren who are

  12. The EMF Protection one is neat. I think it would help out a ton for an office like mine!


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