Friday, November 10, 2023

3 Signs Your Furry Friend Might Be Feeling Under the Weather


Who doesn’t love their pets? They’re just another member of the family who deserves plenty of love, hugs, kisses, and treats, and not to mention they’re perfect for boosting your well-being. Whether you own a cat, dog, mouse, bird, horse, or even a  reptile, sometimes it’s not the easiest to know how your pet is feeling. Sometimes, they might whimper, but it’s not like they’re as vocal as a human baby or an actual child when they’re feeling under the weather. Just like humans, sometimes it’s just not always easy to tell if something bad is actually happening internally, so there are always those small signs that give an indication instead. 

So, since you can’t always predict how they’re feeling, and they clearly can’t just openly inform you, as the owner, you’re going to have to look into all of this. So, here are some signs that your pet might potentially be feeling ill.

Unusual Behavior 

It’s fairly similar to humans, too; if you see some unusual behavior that just isn’t typical of your pet, then chances are high that something’s going on. For the most part, pets are typically active and curious. So, if you observe a sudden lack of energy, increased sleepiness, or a reluctance to engage in normal activities that they usually adore to do, it may signal an underlying problem. This can be things such as hiding, excessive vocalizing, or aggression, which can also be indicative of discomfort.

Changes in Their Bathroom Habits

It’s similar to humans, especially baby humans since that’s often how parents figure out if there is something up with their baby. So, if you’re seeing changes in their urine and defecation habits, that can be an indicator. While the idea is super unappealing, you should also take a look at it too. What’s the consistency? Were they struggling? What’s the color? Is there blood? What about worms?

While it’s not great having to look at this (and sometimes even through it), it’s so important as a pet owner to do this. Chances are, this might be the biggest indication of their health and whether or not they’re ill. Honestly, sometimes, just by looking at their bathroom habits, can you immediately fix what’s happening? For horses, for instance, all they’re really going to need is some Quest Plus Horse Gel if they’re dealing with worms (for example). So, no matter how grossed out you are by the idea, just make sure to take a look into this. 

How are Their Eating Habits?

So before taking your pet to the vet or getting a specialist to come to you, you’re also going to need to take a look at their eating and drinking habits since the vet is going to ask for this, too. A sudden loss of appetite or a noticeable decrease in food intake can almost always be a red flag. At the same time, excessive hunger or increased thirst may also indicate an underlying health issue. Keep a close eye on this. 


  1. I really feel for them—you always wish they could tell you what’s wrong!


  2. These are great tips, thank you!! We went our dog Bella and our turtles to be feeling great!

  3. Some of my elderly cats started to seek me out more. Wanting to sit in my lap.

  4. Thank you for sharing these great tips

  5. These are great tips. I have 2 dogs and a cat and they are all like my kids and I hate when they aren't feeling well!

  6. All great things to keep an eye on. Thanks! Billie R.

  7. Thank you for sharing these tips. It's hard as pet owner to know how your dog is feeling.

  8. These are definitely important things to look out for. We had a chicken that had all of these signs recently and we tried our best to save her, but couldn't unfortunately. Its so important to keep an eye on our pets and animals.

  9. I agree with monitoring bathroom habits. Our family has a puppy and we had noticed changes in her bathroom habits. It progressed and she had a UTI.

  10. These tips are spot on as they are exactly what I noticed when my cat was having health issues 2 years ago. He was peeing a ton....and ended up having diabetes. Excited to say that he is now diabetes free due to his really good diet!

  11. Thank you for the information. It’s important to be aware of your pet’s health..


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