Thursday, October 26, 2023

Why It’s A Good Idea To Get Feedback From Your Employees

If you have an idea that being a boss means giving orders to your employees and not listening to anything they have to say (positive or negative), then you definitely have the wrong idea about what it means to be a good boss. That’s how it might have been in the past, but in the modern world, employee feedback is crucial, and it’s well worth putting systems in place to collect it. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to get feedback from your employees. 

Find New Ideas

By sending out surveys that use a semantic differential scale, having brainstorming sessions, or perhaps offering one-to-one feedback sessions, you’ll unearth a huge range of new ideas and suggestions that you might be able to use in your business to make it more successful and profitable.

It’s true that not everything your team comes out with will be something you can use, and some ideas might even be bad ones, but some will be brilliant, and they could be just the thing to take your business to the next level. If you have employees who have great ideas and who are happy to pass them on to you, you have a business that can be hugely successful.

Spot Issues Early On

Your employees are working on the front line of your business in areas that you might not have anything to do with, like customer service or using specific pieces of machinery. If they have an issue, you need to hear about it sooner rather than later so you can make any necessary changes and put things right or improve things so that your employees can work more efficiently and productively. 

If you don’t listen - or even ask for - employee feedback, you’re never going to know that there’s a problem, and everything will go on just as before. While that might not be a disaster  (it can be, of course), it certainly won’t help to make you more successful. Listening to and acting on feedback that makes your team more efficient and your customers happier makes a lot of sense. 

Shows Respect

When your employees can clearly see that their ideas and opinions are important to you and that they matter when it comes to how the business is run, it shows that they’re respected, and that’s something that will improve employee morale hugely. 

This is something you’ll need to pay attention to as an employer because happy employees are the backbone of any business, and the happier they are, the more work and effort they’ll put in. By listening to their ideas, suggestions, and, yes, complaints, you’ll give them all the evidence they need that you’re looking out for them, and the results should speak for themselves. 

Improves Communication

Communication is vital in any business, but it’s not always something people are completely used to or comfortable with. However, when you encourage them to give you regular feedback when they need to and when you ask for it, you’ll easily open up the communication channels in the business, and that can lead to a much smoother workplace experience for everyone. 


  1. This was a great article and I agree.

  2. This is 100% true. I have a great boss who always listens to the employees.

  3. This was a very good post it was also very thoughtful.

  4. great article and one most people need to see


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