Monday, May 1, 2023

You Don't Need A Tech Background To Run An Online Business

AI plugins, integrated platforms, widgets, API’s, remote work, cloud storage, the modern business landscape can seem quite dizzying if you aren’t particularly qualified from a technical perspective. Sure, you may be able to leverage those technologies quite handily - but understanding how they work? Well, not everyone does, and there’s no real shame in that, not everyone can specialize in this direction.

However, if you run an online business it’s not hard to feel apprehensive about this. Sure, you could take coding lessons in your free time, or learn the basics of the software, but how can you decide which technologies to leverage within your firm

In this post, we’ll discuss that you don’t need a tech background to run an online business, nor to do well with one. We’ll discuss a few reasons for that and how to leverage the best of your potential as a result. Without further ado, please consider some of the following advice:

Integrated Platforms

You’d be surprised at how effectively integrated platforms can provide the services and provisions your online business needs. For example, easy to use payment platforms can be thoroughly helpful in processing customer payments, bookings, and more, and ensuring a secure, convenient, and seamless experience on the other end. Integrated platforms can also include sign-up provisions such as signing up with Google, Apple or other social media services for secure account management, or even simple implements, such as updating your social media posts with every single media post you make. If you keep these platforms well-integrated and simple, your website gains more substance and utility. 

Outsourced Assistance

If you’re in need of online development help, or the means by which to structure your online brand correctly, then outsource assistance can be worthwhile. This may run the gamut from a freelanced professional all the way up to using a specific service provider. For instance, having a graphic designer work on a set of formatted, high-resolution logos, banners and click-through online advertisement images can be ideal, and having those formatted for easy loading and convenient placement can be more than worthwhile. With good outsourcing in this way, even if that means booking posts from a reliable copywriter, you’ll be able to integrate the best solution possible.

Serviced IT Suites

For a relatively inexpensive upfront cost, you may be surprised just how much utility you can find in managed IT suites - in fact, many companies larger than yours get great value from them. The Google Workspace Suite provides access to sheets, documents, slides, chat, email, and of course Google Admin, a means of managing enterprise profiles, implementing security permissions and more. The same goes for services like Microsoft 365 which allows a degree of customizable control, with many of the same services, with some being more developed (such as Word and Powerpoint). A full IT suite can also be specific to your firm, like the Adobe Creative Suite that offers PDF management and editing, Photoshop, video editing, even Illustrator for print publishing. Leveraging the right software can help a small firm develop in the best way.

With this advice, you’re sure to run an online business well, even without a formal development background.


  1. Thank you for sharing this information, as I don't have a tech background myself, I found this post very interesting

  2. I agree. Thanks for the information.

  3. As a non-techie, I appreciate the advice!


  4. All good advice. So many jobs these days require a tech background of some type, so this article was refreshing.

  5. Thanks for the great advice

  6. Cannot believe where the industry has gone (coming from an IT grad from the mid-80's)

  7. Ive really been thinking of trying to work from home/find additional income - this would be something I could look at for sure

  8. Excellent summary - so many helpful resources out there!

  9. I have somewhat of a tech background. Believe me that's the least of it when running a business.

  10. I've been giving this a lot of thought because online is where it's at. I really appreciate this post.

  11. Wow! I had no idea that Google and Microsoft had so much to offer a new business! I have no technical talent so this would be a great idea. Thank you so much!

  12. Your paragraph on Outsourced Assistance is great advice; expertise on a variety of topics is widely available at reasonable cost.


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