Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Great Ways To Spend Quality Time Together As A Family

Spending quality time together as a family is essential. It allows you to bond, enhance your connections, and ensure you create the best relationships. 

This guide will share some great ways for you and the family to spend more special and memorable time together.

Try cooking new dishes 

It might be a good idea for you to try cooking new dishes for the family, as mealtimes are a great way to spend time together. Although you might enjoy going out for food, or find it more special, sometimes it can be better to cook at home so you can relax and not fuss about going anywhere. 

Cooking and making new dishes is a great way to seek inspiration and find more joy when cooking. 

You can find a tuna pasta salad recipe here to follow and create new dishes for everyone to enjoy at your party. Sometimes, it is more inspiring and fun for you to create new dishes when hosting people. It gives you the chance to see if everyone else enjoys the new dish. If they do, it might encourage you to cook new things more often.

The more you enjoy cooking, which can come from cooking new dishes, the more fun and special family mealtimes can be.

Enjoy a day out and go to the theatre

You could enjoy a theatre trip this summer and take the family to the city for a day out. Although this can be expensive, it can be a great way to spend quality time together and do something different. 

Play games

Anyone can enjoy playing games, whether you are old or a child. Therefore, try practicing playing games with the family as a means to spend more time together. 

Should you wish to find more quality time with your family, it can be beneficial to get card or board games out so everyone can join and remain safe. Although your children might enjoy playing hide and seek or running around the garden with toys, it might not suit your elderly parents. Hence, if you can find a game that everyone can join in with, it will encourage everyone to enjoy family time. 

Pursue new hobbies together

A great way to encourage everyone in the family to spend more time together is to pursue new hobbies and ask others to join in. For instance, your children might enjoy the idea of attending sports classes. Plus, you might want to enhance your fitness. Hence, the two ideas go hand in hand and this should encourage you to spend time together pursuing new hobbies. 

If you can find hobbies that everyone can join in with, it will allow you to have more fun together and ensure everyone feels the need to spend time with one another. If one or two people are left out because they do not or cannot pursue the hobby, then it will be a good idea to reconsider the hobby you are going to introduce to the family. 


  1. I loved playing games with my family when I was a teenager. We played Trivial Pursuit, Canasta, and a few other board games.

  2. We always did family cook abnd play nights where everyone would help make dinner..usually pizza as each could do their own toppings and then play board games.

  3. My grandkids & I like to bake together. We really got into playing games during the pandemic!! Now we got back into playing games again! I’m glad that we did- it keeps the kids off their phones for a while! 😍

  4. These ideas are great! I love spending time with my grandson.

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  6. Stephanie LarisonMay 24, 2023 at 9:44 AM

    Great tips! I really like the one about playing games together. It's so important to have fun together and do things together.

  7. we play board games, and my teenager and i try new dishes together.. plus hikes and more

  8. My two littles are only 3 and 4 so we do a lot of coloring/crafts and baking together. Can't wait until we can have family game night in a couple years!

  9. I have always enjoyed cooking with my mom!


  10. I recently taught my nine year old niece how to play Backgammon. She picked it up quickly. It will be fun to have someone to play against. If I want to play it has to be against the computer because no one else in the family knows how to play or is even interested in learning.


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