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How to Level Up Your Marketing Game

One of the key tenets of every business is to sell its products and services. Even if you have the best product, with the most fantastic customer service, you aren’t going to be successful unless you can sell it to people. 

This is where marketing comes into the picture. You can’t sell anything if nobody knows that your company exists. However, marketing isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. Here are some tips to help you to level up your marketing efforts and get your brand out there.


The first step to any successful marketing campaign is to make sure that you have a fantastic brand. Your brand is essentially how your company identifies itself, so it has to stand out from your competitors.

When coming up with your product or service, you should figure out what your target market is. Most companies don’t sell to everyone, and most have a niche that they need to appeal to. This should factor into your product design, as well as your brand, and your marketing strategy. Everything comes down to making sure that your product and your company appeal to the right person.

Your brand encompasses a lot of the ways that your company presents itself, and it should run throughout your marketing campaign, as well as other aspects of your company. For example, if you have work uniforms for your employees, then you can have custom embroidered shirts that have your brand front and center.

This means that, while your employees are working or commuting, people will notice your brand. It can also help your employees to work as a team, as a uniform encourages unity. However, it’s important to make sure that your employees understand that, while in uniform, they are representing your company and your brand.

Your brand should include a memorable logo and color scheme that will stand out. As well as being memorable, your brand should also make sense. Find something that relates to your industry, so people will find it easier to link your brand with your products or services.

Your brand is also the personality of your company, in a way, so it should include your company values and mission. These should ideally reflect your personal values and ideals, and will appeal to people who have similar ideas. For example, a family friendly company will appeal primarily to people who have families or value them.

Digital Marketing

With the rise of technology and the internet, companies now have new ways to reach wider audiences and market their products to more people. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of digital marketing options out there, but the trick is to come up with a careful strategy that works best for your business and your audience.

The best place to start is your business website. Many people prefer to buy products online and, even if you offer a local service, a business website is still a vital part of your arsenal. A website gives you an opportunity to present your services to people, and it allows customers to find out what you offer on their terms.

Your website can act as an online store, as well as a portfolio to demonstrate your skills and past services. Ideally, you should show reviews and testimonials from past customers, so that people know about the high standard of service that you offer.

You should also include a blog on your website. Blogs are a fantastic tool for digital marketing, especially when they’re well done. A blog can use SEO strategies to help people to find your website in the first place and, if it’s well-written and engaging, your blog also identifies you as an authority in your field. You can also use the blog to market your products and services.

Another thing that every business should consider is social media marketing. The trick to marketing is to go where the people are, and most people now are on social media. This is especially true of younger audiences, but even most adults and older people have a social media account.

Social media gives you the opportunity to directly promote to your audience. Even better, it can help you to solidify your brand and become more likable. People prefer to buy things from companies that they like and agree with, and social media can help you to learn about what matters to people.
As always, the trick to getting the most out of social media marketing is to have a strategy. Simply having an account isn’t the best way to reach more people.

You need to encourage people to follow your account, and the best way to do this is by having something on offer that they want. This might be deals, information, or even an engaging personality. 

Traditional Marketing

While digital marketing has taken the world by storm, there is still a place for more traditional marketing methods. People still notice billboards and posters, so take advantage of the advertising real estate that you can find. 

The trick is to remember your target market. For example, if you have an older market, then traditional marketing like newspaper ads is still a viable option. However, a younger market might lean towards social media or other forms of digital marketing. 

One option that can work is by getting reviews for your product or service. People listen to other people, so by providing a high standard of care and getting good reviews and feedback, you are also more likely to find more customers.

Word of mouth is the most traditional form of marketing there is, and it’s still one of the most effective. As well as letting word of mouth spread naturally, encourage people to leave reviews and offer promotions if they recommend you to a friend. You can also contact local radio stations and offer interviews or use them to advertise your business. Again, different radio stations will reach different audiences, so choose wisely. 


  1. This article has some great tips on getting the word out! Nowadays with all the Social Media and such, word does travel fast!! I still believe as you do that the word of mouth is the best way for your info to hit the right ears! Last May, my husband died. I couldn’t deal with letting everyone know. I was devastated! Our daughters got hold of a funeral home that a family member had used before. We were planning a memorial for him so that the family, especially the grandchildren would understand that he would not be coming back. The girls made up poster boards of pictures of us over the years. My eldest daughter catered finger food and pastries. My girls helped make out the memorial cards. We had the funeral home for 4 hours. The funeral home had an honor guard present me with an American Flag for his service in the Army. By the time the memorial started there were already friends waiting to go in. The pastor who married us gave a beautiful message of Don and his life. Before the 4 hours were over with, there were well over 220 people! People that we haven’t seen in years! Plus some beautiful bouquets of flowers! We didn’t put anything in the paper, etc. People found out by word of mouth. I was stunned and I wanted to tell Don about how much he was loved and still is! He never liked Social Media so he was never on it. Thank you for this article and telling it like it is!!

  2. This is a great post. thanks for sharing.


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