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Keep Your Puppy Occupied and Active With These Tips

Bringing a puppy home is an extremely joyful period in one's life. The fact that puppies have so much energy and are always learning new things about their environment is adorable to watch, but if you want to keep up with them, you will need a lot of energy as well!

The good news is that puppies require a significant amount of sleep as well. Many puppies sleep as long as 12-14 hours a day, but getting them to the point of being weary is not as simple as you might assume.

Fortunately, there are several tried-and-true methods for expelling that almost limitless amount of puppy energy. The following are some simple methods to help you wear out your puppy so that you may both get some much-needed sleep.

Play in the yard The best approach to tire out a puppy is to take it for walks, but if your puppy is too young to go on walks or can only tolerate a short stroll, tiring them out at home is a perfect solution. The opportunity to play some activities in the backyard will help your puppy burn off some excess energy while also providing them with the opportunity to discover new sights and scents. You will also have a great time playing ball games with them and teaching them how to play fetch.

Put their sense of smell to work

It is also crucial to provide your puppy with cerebral stimulation, which will assist them in putting their inherent instincts to good use. In addition to being entertaining, playing nose games around the home may teach them a variety of abilities while also allowing them to get more tired. If you want to test their sniffer abilities, try concealing some goodies in different toys and in different locations.

Teach them tricks

Another method of stimulating your puppy's mental and physical development is to train them. Then, once you have taught them the fundamentals, such as sitting and paw, you may introduce them to some fun tricks, like the ability to turn over and give you a kiss. Training a puppy takes time and patience, but they will appreciate the opportunity to learn something new. There are also a variety of excellent puppy training methods that you may put to use to see results more quickly, or you could try working with the dog trainers at I Said Sit.

When training your puppy, it is necessary to provide them with goodies to keep them motivated and to praise them for a job well done. Choosing healthy dog treats can assist you in rewarding your dog in a responsible manner while still providing him with a pleasant treat. Learning new instructions may be quite exhausting, so make sure your puppy gets enough of rest after your session.

Teach them how to play games

Another entertaining approach to wear out your dog is to play a game of hide-and-seek around the home. It also teaches useful abilities such as recollection. It is possible to educate your dog to hide and seek in the house before allowing it to go outdoors. When the weather is not cooperating outside, you might also train them to go on a search for their favourite toy, which can be a lot of fun when the weather is not cooperating.

It is true from the time they are puppies that a tired dog is a peaceful and happy dog. Finding ways to wear them out will make them much simpler to deal with at home, allowing you to get on with your other responsibilities. In addition to games and training, these activities can assist you and your four legged friend enjoy the time you spend together by strengthening your relationship.


  1. Hide and seek would be so much fun with dogs! Billie R.

  2. These are great tips! We are so tempted to get a puppy but they are a lot of work

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  4. These are great tips. Thanks for sharing

  5. I am not able to give full time attention to raising a puppy. Thanks for the post.

  6. These are some very good tips. I don't have any pets right now.

  7. I am a dog person and I love puppies! Who doesn't? Thank you for sharing these tips to keep your puppy healthy and safe

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  9. These are really great ideas and some we will try like learning new games.

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