Tuesday, January 12, 2021

New Year, New You #DancingThroughCrisis 30-day Gratitude Challenge!

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Dancing and Life is a company that provides free and premium training and coaching to help you overcome crises and live your best life. It will teach you the power of movement and dance to help you feel better now.

Dancing and Life is for everyone. You don’t have to be a dancer or even have rhythm or dancing skills; what matters is the movement and the intent behind it.

'A new year brings hope! See how you can experience joy and gratitude in the coming year. In times of crisis it is hard to be hopeful.. But it’s not impossible—and may be the key to mentally surviving a crisis like this. Despite the burdens of the recent past you can look to the future with the likelihood of positive change. You can turn turmoil and crisis into opportunity. Discover your primary inner strength that will bring you through the problems that life gives you? '

I encourage you to join in on the challenge as it is totally free and will totally change your life! Check it out for yourself for free today!

Day 1: Share your experience in spinning the gratitude wheel. Draw a big circle on a piece of paper; divide it into 4 sections; in each section write what brings you joy; spin a pen and share your experience with whatever joy it lands on. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 2: Share a video or photo of you catching an imaginary curveball, defending yourself with a warrior scream. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 3: Share a video of yourself doing power moves to “I’m a Survivor” by Destiny’s Child or to any other powerful upbeat song. See what people say about how you’re surviving. 

Day 4: Share your wish for the year, and tag two other friends in your picture. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 5: 'A positive mental attitude goes a long way in changing the world around you. Positivity keeps the world going strong. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 6: Get rid of what doesn’t bring you joy! Be like Marie Kondo! When you decide to let go of what didn't work in 2020, you will open up to new possibilities in 2021. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 7: Share a video of you pulling an imaginary sword from your sheath and hold it up high — pretending you are cutting the ties with the pain that holds you back. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 8: 'Nice! It’s so great that you can help people heal by being present for them and creating a space for them to share. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 9: Share a video or photo of your breathing techniques to get rid of tension — and tell us how you feel. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 10: 'Take a video of yourself flipping a coin and deciding on doing something you’re not sure about — heads for option A, tails for option B. Flip the coin and tell us your decision. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 11: Share a brief video of you WINNING and singing “All I Do Is Win Win Win No Matter What” — or anything winning song. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 12: Post a short video where you dance without music for 7-10 seconds. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 13: Post a picture or video of yourself walking in the fresh air or giving yourself a self-affirming talk. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 14: When you don’t hold back, you can really take advantage of what the world has to offer. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 15: Has anything been keeping you from reaching your goals? What are you doing to stay on course? #dancingthroughcrisis https://members.dancingandlife.com/auth/register

Day 16: Write down your outcome for the next 30 days, and why you must do this for yourself. Take a picture of the outcome and share it publicly.

Day 17: Draw a pyramid on a piece of paper and above it write your goal. Inside the pyramid, write out 3 actionable steps. Take a photo of this and post it. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 18: Tell us how you’re marking today’s milestone. What is giving you satisfaction? #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 19: Post a video of yourself being happy! Dancing, singing, celebrating your life! Tell us why you’re happy and share it! #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 20: Post a video of yourself giving yourself the biggest hug, smiling your biggest smile.  #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 21: Share a video of you massaging your head for 15 seconds or so to a soothing song — classical or pop, your choice — it’s a chill-out head massage. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 22: Share a video of yourself holding a victory pose, and saying how you will succeed this year. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 23: Try to do something each day that will move you forward. What are your plans for this? #dancingandlife 

Day 24: Film yourself asking yourself the one thing great you did this week. Share it and shout yes. #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 25: Share a video or photo of yourself assuming a winning pose, whatever you feel makes you look like a winner — and shout out why you’re doing so well. 

#Day 26: Share a video of yourself looking into the mirror when you wake up in the morning, and saying,  “Thank You and I love you.”  #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 27: Share a video of your “me time.” Go somewhere into nature. Sit in silence for 5 minutes (phones off). Write down what came up for you and let us know.  

Day 28: Share your success. Post one thing you’ve succeeded at during this 30 day challenge! Share why this has been so important. Tag two friends. #dancingthroughcrisis 

Day 29: Toss the gratitude ball. Share a video of you saying what you’re grateful for, packing your gratitude into an imaginary ball in your hands, and sending it to the sky. Release your gratitude to others.  #dancingthroughcrisis

Day 30: Powerful Pose and Congratulations. Film yourself striking a powerful pose to congratulate yourself on completing the 30-Day Challenge. Shout “Yay!” #dancingthroughcrisis 


  1. I love to dance. What a joyful way to express your feelings

  2. What a neat idea! I think this would be a wonderful way to express yourself!

  3. This sounds like a great way to get moving during winter.

  4. I like how this challenge focuses on positive thoughts.

  5. This sounds like a great way to jump start adding more physical activity to my routine!

  6. Great idea and inspiring. Good way to increase activity.

  7. This sounds great. Love it. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. Sounds like a wonderful challenge!

  9. This looks like a great challenge!

  10. This such a fun idea! I love it. Dancing can be so fun and therapeutic.

  11. I love this. I need good tools to get through this year.

  12. Definitely sounds like a worthwhile adventure! Gratitude certainly puts things in perspective!


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