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Lugz Women’s Sprig Chukka Boots

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Meet the Lugz Women’s Sprig, a stylish cold-weather compatible slip-on sneaker. The extra soft faux fur lining makes it feel like your coziest slipper


  • Cushioned insole for added comfort
  • Synthetic nubuck upper
  • Lug rubber outsole with extra grip, vulcanized
  • Slip-on style for easy on/off
  • 2-Tone Faux Fur full foot lining
  • Padded collar for a comfortable fit

Lugz product is aggressively styled using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and superior comfort. Our footwear features premium leathers and durable construction. Everything is designed with the fashion forward customer in mind.

Today, they have expanded beyond boots and have added casual shoes, sandals and athletics to the mix, and the brand can be found at major retailers across the country. 

Always an innovator and leader in footwear, Lugz first made a name for itself in October of 1993, bringing its first line of boots to market, with the initial product consisting of two styles of boots, a quilted vest and a pair of jeans. From its inception, Lugz footwear has been an innovator in the footwear market from its signature styles, to creating trendsetting styles beyond boots and has added casual shoes and athletics to the mix for the entire family!.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Cool Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones


Christmas is around the corner, and it's time to get online or hit the high street to look for the perfect gifts. Gift-giving is pleasurable, but it can also be frustrating if you can't think of anything to buy for your loved one this year. Fear not, this list has some cool Christmas gifts for all. 

Murder Mystery Jigsaw 

Does someone in your family know their Hercule Poirot from their Sherlock Holmes? Why not indulge their passion this year with a gift that combines the fun of solving an obscure mystery with that of fitting physical puzzle pieces together. Meet the murder mystery jigsaw puzzle. 

The murder mystery jigsaw puzzle is perfect for Christmas evening after your meal is finished. Instead of flicking through re-runs of Christmas TV filler, why not put your brains to work with a creative and interactive game for all the family. It's also perfect for cozy evenings during winter.  

Terrarium Candles 

A terrarium is a small garden usually located inside a small container such as a glass jar or, in this case, a glass candle holder. Terrariums are an excellent way to bring a little life into your home without the upkeep of an outdoor space that requires maintenance and weeding. 

Terrarium candles are a welcome Christmas gift for homeowners or those with a sense of decoration. These terrarium candles don't have any soil and don't need to be watered like real plants; instead, they are made of wax. These unique gifts are both thoughtful and useful. 

Amazing Science Kits 

The festive season can be a fun time for adults, but only the children really believe in the magic of Christmas. If you want to combine entertainment with education this year, then buy an amazing science kit for your kids and watch their eyes light up on Christmas Day morning. 

The amazing science kit has 80+ experiments with step-by-step instructions for running experiments; kids also learn the fundamentals of science and some of the theories underpinning the experiments. So if there's a budding Einstein in your family, this makes the perfect gift! 

Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Sure, Christmas is all about the kids, but that doesn't mean the grown-ups can't have a nice time as well! Perishable gifts are growing in popularity because more people are stepping away from the idea of relentless consumerism in favor of a sustainable Christmas that's also fun. 

Enter hot cocoa bombs! These unique Christmas gifts make the perfect stocking filler, thoughtful friendship gift, or New Year's offering. Cocoa bombs are convenient and delicious, simply drop one into a mug full of warm milk and watch them transform that milk into amazing hot chocolate. 

Allin Watches 

Some gifts never fade into the background and become distant memories; even with the progress of technology and miniaturization of computers, watches have stood the test of time. Nowadays, people can read the time everywhere, but many people still wear a watch they love. 

Visit for all the information you need on watches new and old. The man behind Allin Watches is Jonas Henrikson, a watch collector and enthusiast who can help you make comparisons between watch styles and makers and to choose the perfect watch gift. 

Subscription Box 

If someone in your family has a special interest or a liking for a particular food or drink, then a subscription box might make the perfect gift for them this year. A subscription box is a way of giving a gift to a family member every month of the year, making Christmas last much longer. 

Subscription boxes of all kinds are available; you can find ones for cheese, cakes, teas, liquor, plants, clothing, and lots more. When you buy a subscription box, you pay an upfront cost, and the parcel is delivered to the recipient's door once a month for the duration of the subscription.   

Tea Infuser 

If you know someone who loves tea, then why not buy them a fancy tea infuser for Christmas. There are tons of benefits to having a tea infuser in the house, you can use it to blend unique flavors of tea, so their palette never gets bored, and it lets them explore the world of tea. 

Tea infusers make excellent gifts because they are available in so many different sizes and designs; there's no shortage of options to find something they will love. On top of that, you get to add an assortment of unique teas with the infuser, and you can buy them tea in the future.  

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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Win Lugz Women’s Sprig Chukka Boots In The Holly Jolly Giveaway Hop!

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Meet the Lugz Women’s Sprig, a stylish cold-weather compatible slip-on sneaker. The extra soft faux fur lining makes it feel like your coziest slipper. Read our Review!

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Monday, November 29, 2021

Novostella Blink Review: Smart LED Flood Lights

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Smart lighting has been a staple of smart homes for quite a few years now, but you might not realize just how many options are available for the exterior of your house as well. That includes options by a company called Novostella.

Obviously, you can’t just use any smart bulb or fixture outside. They have to be rated to stand up to the elements, including a certain level of water resistance. And that’s exactly what’s promised by Novostella with its 25-watt smart LED floodlights, among other things.

Novostella 25W Smart LED features

  • IP66 waterproof rating, meaning protection from “jets of water,” dust, oil and more
  • Wi-Fi antenna with a working distance of 80-85 feet
  • 2,000 lumens — that’s bright, but they’re also dimmable
  • 16 million colors and 8 lighting scenes
  • Voice control with Alexa or Google Assistant; no extra hub required
  • Other settings, including timers and group control of multiple lights

The Novostella Blink Smart Flood Light supports all RGB colors, and it can be adjusted between 2,700 and 6,500K. You get intuitive app controls, as well as a Bluetooth mesh connection for near-unlimited range. Finally, the whole thing is rugged and weather-resistant, so it can be used in almost any environment. This is one of the best smart flood lights on the market.

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Go smart with Novostella. Infuse your patio and garden with magic lighting. For more information and updates be sure to follow on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and YouTube

Friday, November 26, 2021

Holiday Giveaway: Two New Picture Books from Authors with Down Syndrome Make Heartwarming Holiday Gifts

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Welcome to our Holiday Giveaway: Two New Picture Books from Authors with Down Syndrome Make Heartwarming Holiday Gifts (Flower Pot Press)

Author Megan Bomgaars, who has Down syndrome, is an activist, TV personality, and entrepreneur. This Fall, she adds “published children’s book author” to her list of accomplishments with her debut title arriving in stores nationwide.
Inspired by Megan’s moving “Don’t Limit Me” speech, Born to Sparkle encourages young readers to dream big and work hard to make those big dreams come true. Whether you dream is to become an astronaut, firefighter, dancer, teacher, chef or anything you can imagine, you can achieve it because, just like Megan, you were born to sparkle!
Never condescending or preachy, Megan’s pitch perfect story reassures, that there are no limits and anything is possible if one follows their dreams and works hard. It’s about doing your very best to make dreams happen. Be brave. Study. Learn. Practice. Ask questions. Educators and parents will revel in this uplifting, inspiring picture book with a cast of stuffed animals leading by example at each turn of the page.

“Uplifting, encouraging, and quite lovely”  – * Kirkus Reviews (starred)
Megan Bomgaars is an amazing woman who works hard to achieve her dreams every day. She starred on A&Es Emmy Award-winning and Critic’s Choice Real TV Award-winning reality television show Born this Way. Megan currently attends college and has already started her own business, starred on a TV show, and travelled the world as a public speaker. She was even invited to the White house by Michelle Obama to attend the “Beating the Odds Summit.”  This is Megan’s first children’s book.

About the SPARKLE illustrator: Peter John Olczyk

Peter John Olcyzk was born in Manchester. He studied art foundation at Manchester Metropolitan University and then illustration at Stockport College. He uses his own experiences and memories to put himself in the mind and shoes of a child when he illustrates, as well as being greatly influenced by stories, music and nature. He currently lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife and two young children.

Preorder Born To Sparkle and be sure to visit Megan on Facebook and Instagram.

“Affirms the joy of hugs while highlighting the importance of consent.”  –Kirkus Reviews

Motivational speaker, disability advocate, and restaurateur Tim Harris’ debut picture book, Book of Hugs, publishes this September. Inspired by Tim’s love of giving big bear hugs and his restaurant that offered up hugs on the menu, this charming how-to guide inspires readers with plenty of reasons to give someone a big hug!

Colorful characters Teddy Bear Tim and his trio of energetic monkey friends share tips on delivering the very best hugs – no matter whether they are happy hugs, sad hugs, fast or slow hugs. Every type of hug is about sharing love. As the book says, “Love is the most important part!”

In our new world of pandemic etiquette and a post #MeToo era, setting and respecting boundaries and gaining consent are among the most important practices we can instill in children. Book of Hugs is an entertaining story that can lead into deeper discussions about permission and new norms.

Tim Harris is a motivational speaker, business owner, and disability advocate. He is really good at giving hugs. For a long time, Tim owned his own restaurant and he even had free hugs on the menu. They were so popular that Tim has now hugged over 75,000 people, including the president of the United States! Tim really does love hugs, mostly because he loves LOVE and that is what hugs are all about. This is Tim’s first children’s book.

On the weekend of January 21st – 23rd, Tim and his family are relaunching the Hug-a-thon. The goal is to get ONE MILLION hugs and ONE MILLION dollars in donations, all to benefit the Hearts of Joy International charity. This incredible non-profit provides life-saving heart surgery for children born with Down Syndrome. Learn more at Hearts of Joy International.

About the HUGS illustrator: Charlie Astrella 

Chalrie Astrella graduated from the University of Teesside with a First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation. He now works in 3D modeling, animation, and 2D illustration to create works of art he is proud of. He has experience in advertising, product design, video games, and children’s books.

Order The Book of Hugs and be sure to visit Tim's Big Heart Enterprises.


One winner will receive hardcovers of both books! US/Can only. Giveaway ends 12/10.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Building a Successful Dog Daycare with These 13 Tips

What better way to start the day than with a few minutes of cuddling and playing with your dog? Dog daycare is an excellent option for dogs who need extra exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation. If you're considering starting up a dog daycare in your home or business, or if you already operate one and want to improve it, then this article will help get you started on the right track! We'll go over everything from what kind of facility to open to how to run it successfully. We hope that these tips will help make running your dog daycare easier.

Make Sure All Dogs Has Their Vaccinations Up To Date

The first step to opening a dog daycare is ensuring all the dogs are up on their vaccinations. You must check with your local veterinarian or public health department where specific requirements for your business to comply with regulations. Furthermore, if any of the dogs have not had vaccines yet, it's best to wait until they do before allowing them to play with others.

If you have a rescue dog or any of the dogs in your daycare are not upon their shots yet, you must keep the dog separated from other dogs and away from areas where children are playing. Additionally, if some of these vaccines require more than one shot, you should space them out by at least a week.

Consider Your Location Carefully

Dog daycares are primarily dependent on the area they're in. If you live near a population center, there will likely be more dogs for you to take care of and have fun with! However, if you pick an out-of-the-way spot, it may limit how many customers commute to your location.

Consider Your Business Plan Carefully

It's essential to plan how you want things to run at the daycare before you open it up. You should consider what kind of amenities will be offered, types of food and drink available, and whether there are any restrictions on breeds that can come in, etcetera. Look at some valuable sources: Dog Daycare Business Plan: The 2022 Getting Started Guide.

Consider Dog Daycare Insurance

It would help if you also considered whether or not you will need to take out separate business insurance for the daycare. The risk of injury is much higher than usual, so this might be required in your area. For example, some places require that dogs be insured before they can come in and play.

It would help if you also thought about how you will keep your daycare safe from the elements and other forms of damage that might occur, such as theft or accidents with building materials. Dog daycares require a lot of space to run safely and effectively - if they don't have this, then problems can arise, leading to injuries.

Have A Contract Agreement With All Dog Owners

Write a contract agreement with all dog owners to ensure that you are both on the same page before letting their dogs in. If you do not have one, consider using this template or get help from an attorney to make your unique custom contract. It should include what time they drop off and pick up their dog, the fee for each visit, and any other essential details.

If something were to happen with their pet while in your care (like getting bitten by another dog or injuring themselves), then there should be a way you can report it so that they are up-to-date on their pet's health status.

Make Sure You Have a Licensed Veterinarian

Ensure that you have a licensed veterinarian on call at all times in case an emergency occurs. This way, if your dog gets hurt while playing with other dogs and needs immediate attention, then they can get it without any problems. It is best to use one who specializes in small animals such as cats and dogs. This way, there will not be any mix-ups with your pet's diagnosis or treatment.

Don't Forget to Train Your Staff for Emergencies

Ensure that all of the staff members are trained in CPR and first aid to help if a dog gets hurt during playtime. This is important because every second counts when it comes to injuries, and you don't want to have your staff fumbling around just looking for the first-aid kit.

Dog Daycare Rules

It's essential that there are rules at a dog daycare. These can range from no food near play areas, so dogs aren't distracted by each other's snacks to keeping toys picked up during quiet time so that new dogs entering the daycare area aren't jumped on by a group of excited canines.

Rules should also apply to what you do with your dog when they first enter the facility. At the end of their visit – no one likes having someone else grab or take away their loved ones. Hence, new arrivals should be kept away until they are familiar with the facility and other dogs while leaving them in their own space will keep everyone happy upon departure.

Suppose you're planning on running a dog daycare business. In that case, your rules must reflect this – no one wants to spend time at an establishment where animals aren't treated well or kept safe (and potential new customers will be looking for these details if they visit your website).

Dog Daycare Cleanliness & Hygiene

Keeping the daycare area clean and hygienic is of utmost importance because you wouldn't want to spend time at a dirty facility and because dogs must be kept safe from illnesses. Since dogs are clean animals by nature, they will understand that they must stay on top of hygiene. This is a great way to differentiate your business from the other daycares in town – not only do you care about their happiness and keep them healthy.

Daily sweeping and mopping - Deep cleaning at least once a month, keep the floor disinfected between cleanings, paper towels, and antibacterial cleaner in your storage area at all times for quick touch-ups - Make sure that there are enough trash cans to avoid overfilling them - Avoid using the same mop for different areas of your facility, as this will spread bacteria.

Make Sure You Know Your Different Dog Breeds And What Their Needs Are

Before starting a dog daycare, it is essential to know your different breeds of dogs and their needs. Learn as much as you can about the species that will be more predominant in your business; this way; you'll better understand each one's personality and how they generally behave with other animals or humans.

For example, if most of your clients will be golden retrievers, it is essential to know that they are energetic and love the outdoors; therefore, you might want to include a large yard area for them. If most of your business consists of small breeds such as Pomeranians or Chihuahuas, then you're going to need furniture that doesn't take up too much room.

Training Your Employees And Setting Rules From The Start

When hiring employees for your dog daycare, you must ensure that they are fully trained and understand all of the rules set forth by your business plan. They should also handle any large dogs if necessary, so it is essential to test them with one or two of these animals. Training them before they take on many responsibilities at your business will also ensure that you are not putting customers or dogs in harm's way.

Have All Equipment That You Might Need In Place

It is vital to have all the equipment that you might need in place, but this doesn't mean that you can go ahead and invest a great deal of money. There are things such as toys or food bowls that your customers will be providing for their dogs. However, there are still many things that you will need to provide for your business. For example, you will need to have a place for the dogs to play and run around. You may also want some agility equipment that they can use as well. If your customers do not provide their food and water bowls, then this is something else which you should purchase too.

Ensure That The Dogs Are Allowed To Interact With Each Other

Your staff must allow the dogs to interact with each other when they are in a group setting. When you take them out for walks, then this should also be allowed and encouraged. If there is one dominant dog within the pack who might not get on well with others, separating them from the rest of the group may be necessary for a period.

When it comes to starting your own business, there are many factors that you need to consider. Dog daycare is an excellent way for people with dogs who work full-time or have busy schedules during the weekdays to still enjoy their furry friends. Building this type of facility requires some planning and effort, but it's definitely worth the investment if you're considering starting your own business.

Lugz Women’s Sprig Chukka Boots

Disclosure: Susie's Reviews receives compensation or products from brands in exchange for the posts on this site Our opinions are honest...