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Holiday Giveaway: Two New Picture Books from Authors with Down Syndrome Make Heartwarming Holiday Gifts

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Welcome to our Holiday Giveaway: Two New Picture Books from Authors with Down Syndrome Make Heartwarming Holiday Gifts (Flower Pot Press)

Author Megan Bomgaars, who has Down syndrome, is an activist, TV personality, and entrepreneur. This Fall, she adds “published children’s book author” to her list of accomplishments with her debut title arriving in stores nationwide.
Inspired by Megan’s moving “Don’t Limit Me” speech, Born to Sparkle encourages young readers to dream big and work hard to make those big dreams come true. Whether you dream is to become an astronaut, firefighter, dancer, teacher, chef or anything you can imagine, you can achieve it because, just like Megan, you were born to sparkle!
Never condescending or preachy, Megan’s pitch perfect story reassures, that there are no limits and anything is possible if one follows their dreams and works hard. It’s about doing your very best to make dreams happen. Be brave. Study. Learn. Practice. Ask questions. Educators and parents will revel in this uplifting, inspiring picture book with a cast of stuffed animals leading by example at each turn of the page.

“Uplifting, encouraging, and quite lovely”  – * Kirkus Reviews (starred)
Megan Bomgaars is an amazing woman who works hard to achieve her dreams every day. She starred on A&Es Emmy Award-winning and Critic’s Choice Real TV Award-winning reality television show Born this Way. Megan currently attends college and has already started her own business, starred on a TV show, and travelled the world as a public speaker. She was even invited to the White house by Michelle Obama to attend the “Beating the Odds Summit.”  This is Megan’s first children’s book.

About the SPARKLE illustrator: Peter John Olczyk

Peter John Olcyzk was born in Manchester. He studied art foundation at Manchester Metropolitan University and then illustration at Stockport College. He uses his own experiences and memories to put himself in the mind and shoes of a child when he illustrates, as well as being greatly influenced by stories, music and nature. He currently lives in the Highlands of Scotland with his wife and two young children.

Preorder Born To Sparkle and be sure to visit Megan on Facebook and Instagram.

“Affirms the joy of hugs while highlighting the importance of consent.”  –Kirkus Reviews

Motivational speaker, disability advocate, and restaurateur Tim Harris’ debut picture book, Book of Hugs, publishes this September. Inspired by Tim’s love of giving big bear hugs and his restaurant that offered up hugs on the menu, this charming how-to guide inspires readers with plenty of reasons to give someone a big hug!

Colorful characters Teddy Bear Tim and his trio of energetic monkey friends share tips on delivering the very best hugs – no matter whether they are happy hugs, sad hugs, fast or slow hugs. Every type of hug is about sharing love. As the book says, “Love is the most important part!”

In our new world of pandemic etiquette and a post #MeToo era, setting and respecting boundaries and gaining consent are among the most important practices we can instill in children. Book of Hugs is an entertaining story that can lead into deeper discussions about permission and new norms.

Tim Harris is a motivational speaker, business owner, and disability advocate. He is really good at giving hugs. For a long time, Tim owned his own restaurant and he even had free hugs on the menu. They were so popular that Tim has now hugged over 75,000 people, including the president of the United States! Tim really does love hugs, mostly because he loves LOVE and that is what hugs are all about. This is Tim’s first children’s book.

On the weekend of January 21st – 23rd, Tim and his family are relaunching the Hug-a-thon. The goal is to get ONE MILLION hugs and ONE MILLION dollars in donations, all to benefit the Hearts of Joy International charity. This incredible non-profit provides life-saving heart surgery for children born with Down Syndrome. Learn more at Hearts of Joy International.

About the HUGS illustrator: Charlie Astrella 

Chalrie Astrella graduated from the University of Teesside with a First Class Honors Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation. He now works in 3D modeling, animation, and 2D illustration to create works of art he is proud of. He has experience in advertising, product design, video games, and children’s books.

Order The Book of Hugs and be sure to visit Tim's Big Heart Enterprises.


One winner will receive hardcovers of both books! US/Can only. Giveaway ends 12/10.

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  1. I think these books are beautiful and with wonderful messages.

  2. Both these book sound sweet, charming, and informative!

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  3. these books looks so cute and fun. my kids love reading and i think they would enjoy them

  4. Both these book sound sweet, charming, and informative!

  5. I love the covers and the books sounds adorable.

  6. These would be a wonderful addition to a local library’s collection as children’s books are a low priority in book budgeting.

  7. I think these are a great addition to any book collection! The illustrations are amazing and I also love the message!

  8. I think both books sound super sweet and would deffinitely capture my daughters attention. They're perfect ways to start bigger more important conversations and I love it.

    - Amber Y

  9. I really like this idea. Thank you

  10. These sound wonderful!
    I remember Megan from the TV show...she definitely sparkles!

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