Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Cool Christmas Gifts for Loved Ones


Christmas is around the corner, and it's time to get online or hit the high street to look for the perfect gifts. Gift-giving is pleasurable, but it can also be frustrating if you can't think of anything to buy for your loved one this year. Fear not, this list has some cool Christmas gifts for all. 

Murder Mystery Jigsaw 

Does someone in your family know their Hercule Poirot from their Sherlock Holmes? Why not indulge their passion this year with a gift that combines the fun of solving an obscure mystery with that of fitting physical puzzle pieces together. Meet the murder mystery jigsaw puzzle. 

The murder mystery jigsaw puzzle is perfect for Christmas evening after your meal is finished. Instead of flicking through re-runs of Christmas TV filler, why not put your brains to work with a creative and interactive game for all the family. It's also perfect for cozy evenings during winter.  

Terrarium Candles 

A terrarium is a small garden usually located inside a small container such as a glass jar or, in this case, a glass candle holder. Terrariums are an excellent way to bring a little life into your home without the upkeep of an outdoor space that requires maintenance and weeding. 

Terrarium candles are a welcome Christmas gift for homeowners or those with a sense of decoration. These terrarium candles don't have any soil and don't need to be watered like real plants; instead, they are made of wax. These unique gifts are both thoughtful and useful. 

Amazing Science Kits 

The festive season can be a fun time for adults, but only the children really believe in the magic of Christmas. If you want to combine entertainment with education this year, then buy an amazing science kit for your kids and watch their eyes light up on Christmas Day morning. 

The amazing science kit has 80+ experiments with step-by-step instructions for running experiments; kids also learn the fundamentals of science and some of the theories underpinning the experiments. So if there's a budding Einstein in your family, this makes the perfect gift! 

Hot Cocoa Bombs 

Sure, Christmas is all about the kids, but that doesn't mean the grown-ups can't have a nice time as well! Perishable gifts are growing in popularity because more people are stepping away from the idea of relentless consumerism in favor of a sustainable Christmas that's also fun. 

Enter hot cocoa bombs! These unique Christmas gifts make the perfect stocking filler, thoughtful friendship gift, or New Year's offering. Cocoa bombs are convenient and delicious, simply drop one into a mug full of warm milk and watch them transform that milk into amazing hot chocolate. 

Allin Watches 

Some gifts never fade into the background and become distant memories; even with the progress of technology and miniaturization of computers, watches have stood the test of time. Nowadays, people can read the time everywhere, but many people still wear a watch they love. 

Visit for all the information you need on watches new and old. The man behind Allin Watches is Jonas Henrikson, a watch collector and enthusiast who can help you make comparisons between watch styles and makers and to choose the perfect watch gift. 

Subscription Box 

If someone in your family has a special interest or a liking for a particular food or drink, then a subscription box might make the perfect gift for them this year. A subscription box is a way of giving a gift to a family member every month of the year, making Christmas last much longer. 

Subscription boxes of all kinds are available; you can find ones for cheese, cakes, teas, liquor, plants, clothing, and lots more. When you buy a subscription box, you pay an upfront cost, and the parcel is delivered to the recipient's door once a month for the duration of the subscription.   

Tea Infuser 

If you know someone who loves tea, then why not buy them a fancy tea infuser for Christmas. There are tons of benefits to having a tea infuser in the house, you can use it to blend unique flavors of tea, so their palette never gets bored, and it lets them explore the world of tea. 

Tea infusers make excellent gifts because they are available in so many different sizes and designs; there's no shortage of options to find something they will love. On top of that, you get to add an assortment of unique teas with the infuser, and you can buy them tea in the future.  


  1. My niece is a little scientist and would love a science kit for Christmas!

  2. I think that subscription boxes are such a fun gift idea.

  3. This is a great list of gift ideas.

  4. I love these ideas. I have some that are hard to buy for.

  5. The Terrarium Candles idea sounds cool. :)

  6. These are good ideas for my nephew and his wife that are visiting for the holidays! I love the candle idea!

  7. These are some great ideas that I had not thought of thanks for sharing this one.

  8. Hot chocolate bombs are so cool! Billie R.

  9. I love getting and giving subscription boxes. It's fun to get different items in the mail.

  10. Oh the Murder Mystery Jigsaw would be so fun for our family! We love doing puzzles and adding the mystery part would be so fun!

  11. Never heard of Terrarium Candles!


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