Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Signs You're Getting Older

If there is one thing that each of us has slipping through our fingers, it’s time. One minute we’re at school enjoying everything those times on the playground and the next, we’re busy buying a new electric scooter to get around town. There is plenty of time to fit life in - or so you think - because it doesn't slow down when you want it to. 

There are plenty of obvious physical signs to tell you that you are getting older. Some might shock you, such as the rate your hair turns gray or the wrinkles that randomly appear around your mouth and eyes when you least expect it. You might think that your physical changes won’t catch up to you, but they likely will. For some, getting older is easy; it’s just par for the course. For others, it’s terrifying because they associate ageing with illness and death, and both of those things are scary to consider. With this in mind, here are five sure signs that you’re getting older!

  • It dawns on you. It’s hard to explain this moment, but there is a day, maybe even an hour when it occurs to you that you’re the age that you are. It’s like realizing your mortality and it hits you without you even fixating on it. When you’re actually old, you’ll look back on that moment and kick yourself for ever thinking you were old at that point.
  • You’re forgetting everything. It doesn't have to be dementia or Alzheimer’s to start forgetting everything. Perhaps you’re just more scatterbrained than usual, requiring text message reminders for everything so that you don't forget anything important. Either way, being forgetful is a sure-sign you’re getting older, and it’s one that you should be mindful of when you are aging.
  • The milestones are passing you by. As a kid, even as a teenager, you get excited for graduating college, getting married, owning a career, having a family, buying a house. All of these milestones are spread out in front of you and you get to move from one to the next with ease. The problem is that one minute they’re in front of you, and the next they’re behind you. You have a bunch of yesterdays and not a lot of tomorrows, and that realization is terrifying for some.
  • People in authority are suddenly younger than you. All of those doctors and specialists you once looked up to and listened to no longer make you feel uneasy with their authority; they’re younger than you are now! You have to figure out how to be okay with “taking orders” from those younger than you are, and that’s not always an easy thing to do when you’re getting older.
  • You have regret. It should be the goal of every young person to never regret what they do in their lives, and if you are starting to have regrets about what you’ve done or are doing with life, then the chances are that you’re getting older faster than you thought.

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