Monday, September 13, 2021

Cool Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids Of All Ages

Yes, we are now in September so you are more than likely planning ahead and starting to think about what the kids want and need for Christmas. Your children may have provided you with a long list of gifts they would like. It isn’t uncommon for children to go through catalogs and mark down everything they want so the list becomes endless. 

As children get older you should take the opportunity to explain about money and presents and the meaning behind them so they are not expecting big fancy expensive presents every year. 

When it comes to buying presents for your kids you should ideally follow the 5 step rule as a way of not spending excessive amounts of money. The 5 steps:

  • Something they need 
  • Something they want
  • Something to wear
  • Something to read
  • Something traditional 

Here are four ideas for gifts if you are struggling to think of anything. 

Construction Toys

For the younger children, you could think about purchasing some form of construction-based toys, such as Meccano or lego. These are great for improving your child's fine motor skills and dexterity. You can buy sets that tell you what to build and how to build it or you can just buy a box so your child can use their imagination and build whatever they want. 

Construction toys can also be enjoyed by siblings or friends so it’s not just a solo toy, your child can build things with others while enhancing their social interaction and skills. 

Although not technically construction there is some building to be done. Wooden train tracks are great for kids, usually, from the ages of around 18 months they can run the trains around the track pretending to be drivers 

Imaginative Play

Children love imaginative play and there are many toys you can get to encourage this. Dolls houses and toys such as Sylvanian families are great for children to make up stories with. There may even be dolls and imaginative toys associated with your child’s favorite tv show. Marvel and DC have an extensive range of figures available for children to build up and play with. The new paw patrol movie is proving to be very popular amongst the younger and even older kids and better yet there is a huge toy range including Chase’s transforming car. 


Another option for gifts that never fails to impress is technology. Has your child been pestering you for a phone, saying the famous lines of ‘but all my friends have them’. Christmas might be a great time to surprise them with one if you believe they are sensible and grown-up enough to have one. You really need to make sure your child is mature enough to have a phone and understands all the dangers associated with having one. You should explain about the whole talking to strangers online and make them aware of cyberbullying and the harm it can cause. 

Your child might be older and traveling to school on their own so a phone might be a good idea so you know they are safe and on their way home. You could get them some cool wireless earbuds to go with them, even better noise-canceling ones. If they are traveling by foot or on public transport there can be a lot of noise around so noise-canceling headphones will save them from arriving at school with a headache. Make them aware that ideally when crossing roads they should take one earbud or both out so they can hear any oncoming vehicles traveling at speed. 

iPads or other tablets are great for children of all ages, especially older ones when they need something to do their homework on. They can use it to research for school or play games in their free time. Occasionally during the year phone companies might do offers where you get a phone and tablet together for a combined price. This is great if you have one child that wants a phone and another that wants a tablet. 


Consoles are always a popular choice for Christmas presents, however, they are pretty expensive. You might want to pre-warn your children that if funds are tight and they ask for a console then that may be the only big present they receive. There are so many to choose from, some cheaper than others. Of course, the big sell-out console is the PS5 which Sony is still struggling to produce to meet the demand. You will be hard pushed to get your hands on one if your child has asked for one for Christmas. However, you can still get them on sites such as eBay but the price will be significantly higher than that of one purchased in-store. 

You don’t have to get a brand new console, the older Xbox or Ps4 consoles are just as good especially if your child is just starting out with video games. There is also the Nintendo Switch if your child would prefer that. A switch is great for all the family as multiple people can play awesome games such as Mario Kart and you can have family-friendly competitions.

Movie Memorabilia 

If your child is a huge fan of films then you could look into websites that sell movie replicas of props used. There is a great site that sells marvel replicas, for example, you can get Captain America’s shield or the infinity gauntlet for your kids to play with. If they don’t want to play with them the shield looks great when displayed on a wall. There is so much movie memorabilia available for movie fans. 

If your child or teenager is a fan of star wars you could get them a proper lightsaber, not like the ones they had as a child. They light up and play sounds when hit against things, if they have a friend who also has one then they could be having realistic lightsaber battles with each other. 

We hope this gives you some ideas as to what you can get your children this Christmas.


  1. definitely some unique ideas for the holidays!

  2. Construction toys are always such great gifts! And you can be pretty sure the kids will like them!

  3. These are great ideas for gift giving. It is good to plan ahead.

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. I love legos and other building toys.

  5. These are all great ideas. Holidays will be here before we know it!

  6. Great ideas for gifts. I'm always looking for something different.

  7. I love the 5 present rule for kids and we have been following it for the last few years!


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