Thursday, August 19, 2021

Using Technology to Build a State-of-the-art Real Estate Company

It's time for the future of real estate. Also known as "The New Reality." Real estate is changing fast, and it will never be the same again. The way we do things now is drastically different from how our parents did it back in their day. Technology has changed everything about life - including real estate business practices. If you want to start a state-of-the-art company and stay ahead of your competition, read this article on how technology can help you get there!

1 Use Technology to Keep Compliance Up To Date

One of the most important things a real estate agency needs to stay on top of is compliance. With technology, this can be done with ease - and it'll also save you time!  

A company called DocuSign has made sending documents for signatures and other legal obligations easy as pie. This saves your agents from running around town to find people's signatures or scanning through paper-based contracts to get something signed legally binding. In addition, if an agent signs up for one of their programs, they receive access to all sorts of features that will help them out during these types of tasks, such as: Send files via email or text message easily without worrying about attachments using various formats like JPG, PDF, DOCX and more.

2 Use CRM to Increase Agency Efficiency

An example of this is when you have an appointment scheduled - say at midnight EST. You get there early to meet the client at 11:30 am EST, so they don't wait around too long or be late on their lunch break, but your receptionist doesn't know what happened because she just got here at noon (she arrived 30 minutes before her shift starts). Your system might need some updating and new features every now and again, but that’s nothing your IT Support Company can’t handle. With CRMs like Insightly, it's easy to keep up with where everyone is as well as what appointments were rescheduled if someone has a last-minute emergency come up.

3 Optimize Your Accounting With Software

Another important task you need to maintain is good accounting. Again, this can be done with a bit of help from your technology partners!

A company called Xero was explicitly designed for real estate agencies and other business owners that want an easy way to manage their finances, track projects, and stay on top of compliance matters like depreciation tax rules. They offer a free trial as well as packages in monthly or yearly subscriptions! If these are too pricey for you, though, many bookkeepers will have the same features available as they use them every day - according to the National Association of Professional Bookkeeping Services (NAPBS).

4 Get More Leads With By Using Technology

One of the biggest problems for real estate agencies is that they don't know where to turn when it comes to marketing. They're not sure what will work and how successful things might be - after all, there are many options!

With new tech like VR or AR, you can get your listings in front of more people more straightforward than ever before with virtual tours. This feature has been shown to increase click-through rates by up to 40%, which could bring tons of extra leads thanks to some simple technology updates! You can also use services like Mailchimp, which makes design-savvy emails easy as pie without being able to do anything on an email layout program yourself.

You've read about how technology can help with compliance, accounting, productivity, and more in this article! It's essential to keep up with these new technologies so that your company doesn't fall behind.

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