Monday, August 9, 2021

Seven Tips To Stay Productive In Life

Productivity is a challenge for all of us, whether it’s staying motivated on a Monday morning at work to doing the household chores on the weekend. What tends to motivate us can be different for everyone but regardless it’s important to try and keep your productive levels up. There are many ways to do this in order to get the most out of your day, week, month or year. 

So if you’ve been finding it hard recently to stay productive, then here are seven tips that can help.

1. Get yourself organized

Getting yourself organized is going to greatly help how much work or tasks you get done over the course of a day. Some people find that having a to-do list is handy, whether it be written down in a notepad or on their phone. Others may find to structure their day more specifically so that every hour is filled with something different.

So with that being said, getting yourself organized is important. A lot of people get into the habit of being overwhelmed with what they need to do and that in itself can cause a loss of motivation. If you’re structuring your day or week wisely, then you’ll get more done. Make sure you’re utilizing whatever apps or methods that are most efficient for you when trying to stay productive. 

There are some great apps for to-do lists or to help structure your day if you’re trying to organize your work schedule. Apps like Asana or Trello are good ones to start off with and they’re free to use for the most part, which is certainly helpful.

2. Do the hard tasks/chores first

When it comes to having things to do, we often leave the most challenging or hardest of tasks or chores for last. But how is that counter-productive? Well, you’re building up all this momentum and towards the end of the day or week, you’re going to be exhausted. You’re not going to want to do anything that’s going to be too difficult towards the end, so why knowingly put yourself in that position.

As much as it sounds like a pain, try and do all the hard tasks or chores first because that way, the rest of your tasks and chores will be a walk in the park, in comparison. Even if it’s something that you don’t enjoy doing first, it’s going to make a big difference to your productivity and it’s something you’ll certainly notice the more you do it as part of your daily routine.

It’s also going to be much better for your frame of mind and overall happiness towards how your day or week is going.

3. Use a timer or clock to keep time

Keeping time is part and parcel of being productive. So why don’t more of us try and keep time when it comes to doing our day to day tasks and activities? It would make more sense to perhaps assign a certain amount of time to each task so that it keeps you motivated to finish the task before the deadline hits!

A lot of people find this to be a great way of getting the most out of the day and also giving themselves a little push by putting a timer on it. It’s not something that you have to do for every task but it can certainly make a difference to your productivity to some extent. There are plenty of apps for mobile time clocks that are worth taking advantage of if you’re intrigued to see if it works for you.

4. Keep your environments tidy

A productive mind is helped by the environment around you. If you’re not looking after your space when you’re working or trying to do something productive, then it’s likely you’re going to struggle to get things done. By keeping your spaces tidy, you’ll find it a lot easier to complete tasks that you’re falling behind on.

It’s not hard to keep your environments clean and tidy but it can be something a lot of people struggle with. Instead, focus on tidying up as you and that way, things won’t get messy so easily. Most of us would rather only do the occasional deep clean and that can be helped with regular freshen ups every so often.

Try to find time to tidy your space either in the mornings or evenings so that you are starting or ending your day in the right way.

5. Have a good work/life balance

A good work/life is key to being productive because too much of one is going to stunt that productivity that you need. Too much fun and you might feel less motivated to get back to work, too much work and you might find it hard to do simple household chores. It’s important to have a good balance of the two because that will surely help your motivation in many ways.

We’re all different and whilst some like to have more of a social life, others are workaholics. It’s all about finding what brings you the most enjoyment but also to have a balance that compliments the rest of what you do too.

A good work/life balance is good for your mental wellbeing, not just for keeping productive and staying motivated. It’s helpful for all parts of life.

6. Take regular breaks

Regular breaks are going to help keep your concentration levels up because there’s nothing worse than doing the same thing for hours on end. It’s not going to do anything to help your productivity, especially if you’re forcing yourself to keep at it.

Taking a regular break every hour, whether you’re decluttering your home, doing household admin or getting through your workday, is key. It helps reset the brain and re-charge the batteries. Do something different for those five or ten minutes of your break. Go make a cup of tea or go out for a walk. These are great ways to help keep yourself more focused and ready to go back to it once that break is over. A break every hour or two at maximum is important to practice on a regular basis. 

If you find that you’re not actually getting a break often enough, then it’s important to remind yourself. This could be with a timer or scheduled time set into your work calendar for example.

7. Have someone hold you accountable 

We all need to be held accountable for when we don’t do things. It might be that you let things slide because you let yourself get to that point. Sometimes, telling someone to actually hold you accountable for things you should have done but didn’t, is going to remind you to get it done next time and to not make the same mistake.

It can be easier said than done but it’s something that you definitely need to try and encourage yourself to do more so where possible. It will make all the difference to how productive you are in the future. Make the person who holds you responsible, someone you will take seriously. Whether this is your partner perhaps or a work colleague that you look up to. You’ll be unlikely to want to let them down.

Keeping productivity is handy for many things in life. When you’re trying to stay motivated, use these tips to get yourself back into that zone that you’ve slipped out of. It can really help to make the most out of everything that’s available to you in order to keep your productivity levels up!


  1. My boyfriend tries to keep me tidy he HATES clutter, so he is good at keeping me up on that and sometimes he just does it himself.

  2. I need to work on doing the hard tasks first.

  3. I Definitely need to work on this. It will help when we get back into our normal routine.

  4. Great tips! I always follow first two, just have to work on other five. :D


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