Sunday, April 4, 2021

Natural Solutions To Improve Caring For Your Dog

More and more dog owners are looking for more natural ways to care for their dogs. Using conventional medicines can help to relieve symptoms of something if your dog is unwell, but there can be side effects. For example, using antibiotics can damage the intestinal flora of a dog, which is the most important part of their immune system. Of course, it is worth speaking to your vet about some more natural solutions, but here are some things that you can do at home to help your dog when it comes to looking after them in a natural way.


Arnica is something that you may have used for yourself, as it is a great way to treat bumps and bruises. It really is a great remedy for any injuries that could bruise. Did you know dogs can have arnica too? If your dog bumps themselves or has a sprain, give them arnica. You can use arnica for any bruises as it helps to improve healing time and is completely natural.


CBD is something that is becoming more and more popular, with people as well as pets. The impact it has is being shown, and it can help with things like anxiety and stress. If you have a dog that is quite anxious or quite hyperactive, you can get calming treats for dogs that contain CBD. You could also use CBD oil in dog food, but it is best to speak to a professional about this first, as you will want to get the quantity of it right. 

Organic foods

If you want to help your dog’s general health, then a natural way to do that is to get your dog natural and organic food. If anything is processed or grown with added substances like pesticides, then it can have harmful effects on your pet over time. So think carefully about the foods that you choose to give your dog, because as the old saying goes, we are what we eat, and that goes for dogs too.


A natural and homeopathic remedy that you can use with dogs for things like tick bites, is Ledum. Getting a tick bite can be painful once removed and it can cause problems if the tick is stuck deep down inside. But with ledum, you can treat the bite and help to prevent any illnesses that can come from a tick bite to a dog. Ledum palustre, or just Ledum, can help, and it should be given to your dog daily after you notice the bite. 

Supplements and Vitamins

There is quite a big difference between natural supplements for dogs and the synthetic ones. If you choose to supplement your dog’s diet, then make sure that you choose the ones that are created from whole foods, as they are much easier for your dog to absorb and digest, and therefore used by their body. Synthetic supplements are less effective and could even have some harmful side effects for your dog with their prolonged use. 


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