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How To Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

Your dog is probably your best friend, so it’s important to treat them accordingly. Here is how you can do this!

Take walks together

Put on your agenda at least one long walk a day, which will also include a stop in the garden so that the dog can discharge energy and meet friends. It is very important to maintain his mental health by exposure to stimuli, friends, flowers and more. There really is no better way that can be put into your daily routine to keep your dog healthy and happy. If your dog has a health problem such as arthritis or a heart problem and more, consult your veterinarian before starting daily physical activity

Give him a massage A dog massage will help maintain and improve his health and quality of life. In fact, if you give your dog a daily massage, you will help him with behavioral problems if there are any and of course health problems that are accompanied by pain, difficulty moving and neurological injuries. Treats are great for dogs, therefore look at this website to see what you can buy to treat your dog!

Go on vacation together

You will find a cute little hotel that happily accepts dogs as well and go on a family vacation with the dog. Change the atmosphere a bit, introduce a new interest and new stimuli. It is good for everyone's brain and soul. Plan a trip especially for him to enjoy all the things he loves to do.

Let him chew away!

Many dogs love to chew and strengthen their teeth, but many chew snacks are far from healthy, so put in your dog's menu, real bones, cooked and dried fish and bite and eat toys full of healthy food, this too can be a beauty of a healthy treat.

Comb them every day

The main thing that you do is that daily combing is not only a way to pamper the dog, but really a great way to strengthen the bond between you, circulate his blood and improve the appearance and health of the fur. There is another benefit to this daily touch, as you can check if there is anything on the skin or any lumps that may need to be checked out.

Play with the dog every day

This is a great way to build and strengthen the bond and communication between you. Your positive experiences together will strengthen the dog's trust in you and your love. After all it's fun for everyone to play a little at home and in the open air.

What foods can they eat?

You're probably asking yourself why do a dog detox at all and what does it mean. The answer is to do! This is super important. You must have noticed that today more and more dogs suffer from various diseases and chronic problems, ranging from problems such as bad breath, bad breath, fatty fur to more complicated and complex conditions such as severe allergies, intestinal and stomach diseases, recurrent ear infections and cancerous growths. These diseases are the result of hard work of the dog's body to filter out all the toxins that find their way to it and we will expand immediately. One of the reasons that more and more dogs are showing signs of disease and problems is simply because there are many more toxic substances in our environment and in our dogs' diet and nutrition.

Where are these toxins located?

If you look at your environment for a moment, it will not be difficult for you to identify some toxins around, for example:

- Detergents
- Flea repellents
- Cigarettes
- Mildew
- Air pollution

The list is very long and these toxins enter the dog's body in all sorts of ways, whether through respiration, Whether absorbed through the skin. Many times without knowing it, we feed our dog a food that contains certain toxins like: flavors and aromas that are found in lots of foods, medications and vaccines.

Effects of toxins on the dog

The body of young and healthy dogs can usually filter these toxins relatively well through the organs responsible for filtering the toxins in the body - liver, kidneys, skin. But if it is an older dog, or a dog that is suffering from injury, weakness, background illness or if there are simply too many toxins to filter out, the body will need to use additional ways to get the toxins out. For example, if the body also uses the skin to get out toxins, we will see various skin problems like dry skin, oily skin, sores, redness and itching. If the body uses mucus to excrete toxins, we can see nasal fluid regularly, watery eyes, ear infections and more. Sometimes, when there are too many toxins to excrete they will accumulate inside the body and create more complex problems, like tumors.

Herbs for cleansing the body of the dog

There are some pretty good plants that can be used to help a dog cleanse the body of excess toxins. In principle we want to use plants that help the organs that are responsible for filtering and cleansing the body, such as the liver and kidneys. Plants like thistle, turmeric, licorice and sorrel. These plants and many others also strengthen the liver and kidneys, both help in better digestion and also improve the body’s ability to excrete toxins from the blood. Plants like Echinacea and Astragalus help the immune system.

Chlorophyll, which is the substance that turns plants green, is excellent and important to us and dogs. If you are feeding the dog industrial food, it probably does not have enough greens in it like spirulina, spinach, kale so you should add to the menu regularly as it is a kind of natural cleanser of the body.

Other ways to clean the dog's body

In addition to everything I have mentioned so far, we of course need to provide the dog with quality food, clean and fresh water, fresh air and day trips according to his needs.
Some dogs do not drink enough water so it is advisable to encourage them to drink even if it means switching to another vessel, adding some canned sauce to water vessels and other tricks to make the dog drink more. Do not forget to reduce exposure to toxins in an indoor environment as much as possible, as much as possible. The chemical cleaners can be replaced with natural materials. Take for example floor cleaner, washing powders, cigarettes and the like. It is important that you reduce these pollutants and replace them with as many natural things as possible.

How to notice problems with my dog?

To know there is a problem, we need to be well acquainted with the natural behavior of our dog or cat. That is, in order to know when the behavior is abnormal, you need to know the normal behavior of your dog. Starting with the basic things such as: how much water he usually drinks, how much he eats, how he eats, how long he sleeps, how many times a day he defecates, etc. Sometimes we notice that there is a problem when the situation is already serious, so it is important to address changes in behavior and habits at an early stage.

Here are some of the problems that can occur:

The dog has started defecating at home - do not assume that he is a bad dog or that he is doing anything to you. Home needs can be a sign of a health problem. If the dog has been drinking more recently and pees more these are signs that can indicate a number of health problems so the first step for you will be to go to the vet to check the condition. 

  • Cushing - There seems to be a lot of drinking and a lot of urination, or you may also see fatigue and restlessness.
  • Kidney disease - here too we can see symptoms like multiple drinking and urination, fatigue and multiple sleep and sometimes changes in appetite.
  • Pain or discomfort due to arthritis, allergies, ear infections, toothaches, such pains are not easy to diagnose, so it is important that at least a red light comes on so you can check.
  • Hypothyroidism can also be manifested in behavioral changes such as increased fatigue, depression, restlessness, impatience.
  • Cognitive problems - This is a problem that is seen mainly in very older dogs and is similar to dementia in older people. The dog may be confused, showing disorientation, restlessness, fogging and depression.
  • Hearing and vision impairment - In old age the senses may be impaired and as a result also the behavior. You can call a dog that responds regularly and happily to your call and suddenly he will seemingly ignore it.

Your dog can’t speak to you, so it is important to be vigilant. You should consider analyzing your pet often and keeping track of their moods. That way, you and your pet can enjoy a lifetime of happiness together!


  1. These are great tips for both new and experienced dog owners.

  2. Great tips! I love the idea of a little vacay with your dog :)

  3. thanks! :) dogs really are man's best friend ♥

  4. These are wonderful tips. We have 3 dogs, and try our best to do everything we can to let them have a long, healthy life.

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  6. These are some great ideas for keeping our furry friends happy and healthy!

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  7. We're always on the alert for toxins that our pup may be tempted to pick up when we take him for walks.

  8. i love my dog so much, these ideas are amazing!

  9. These are all excellent tips! My pooch needs to be walked every day, because he has a ton of energy.

  10. Great tips will be passing these on to my son.

  11. True, we pet owners should keep our dog healthy and happy as they give us joy and we really love them. There are many ways to do that and your blog really sums it all. For my dog's pain such arthritis as he is old now, CBD oils are a great help for him. Studies about CBD on animals have shown that the oil can help to stop the development of certain types of cancer too!

  12. A dog vacation sounds like great best thing in the world, oh my goodness.


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