Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Excellent Exercises You Can Do In Your Living Room

Keeping fit and healthy is perhaps more important than ever, especially in the midst of lockdown where our usual routines are upended and paused entirely. Remember though, you don’t have to be totally ‘fit and healthy’ to live in a fit and healthy manner, rather whatever that means to you is important. Small dietary changes and exercise habits can make the world of difference, and remember, no matter how fast you go, you’re still lapping everyone sat on the couch.

It’s also worth knowing that you don’t have to be a masochistic person in order to integrate exercises into your life, and you don’t even need the gyms to be open. Simply walking your dog for half an hour each morning is a good enough start, provided you stretch and make sure you eat healthily.

That said, there are also some very reliable and worthwhile exercises you can take care of at home, exercises that help you feel your best self, build strength, curate flexibility, and generally work your muscle groups to keep you fighting fit for another day of living.

Let’s consider what they might be:

Bodyweight Squat

The bodyweight squat is a fantastic exercise for training your quads, hamstrings, glutes, core, lower back and even your arms (as you hold them up to keep your balance). Simply place your feet a little larger than shoulder width apart, tilt your toes 30 degrees outwards either side, and, while trying to keep your lower back arched and your chest raised, lower gently (don’t dive bomb to the bottom). This can be helped if wearing the correct clothing such as snakeskin leggings with pockets. Let your natural bounce raise your hips up and keep your back arched, and that’s one repetition. If you can work three sets of this (for sets of 3 to 5, increase if necessary), you will be doing a great amount of work and you will get the benefit from this exercise.

Plank Holds

A plank hold is achieved when you lay on your stomach, and hold yourself up by your forearms, lifting your core and legs from the floor. Holding this position contributes to what is usually termed an isometric exercise, as it helps you both train your muscle power and endurance by carrying your weight. This works your core tremendously, and can be held for ten, twenty, thirty and even minutes depending on your level of training. It’s very tough to achieve, but with good form, you will find that it gives you core strength like nothing else. As such, it’s a great way to wind down from more dynamic exercises.


We all know what pushups look like, but how are they properly achieved? Again, laying on your front, raising yourself up by your hands (holding them just wider than shoulder width) and lifting your core up, pressing up and down, is basically a plank hold but with an added dynamic movement. It trains your forearms, triceps, biceps, shoulders, traps and pectorals, as well as your core. Pushups should be completed in sets of up to 20 or more depending on your level of training. They are easy to learn, and you will often find yourself becoming more and more capable at pushing more out the more you train them. Remember to push against the floor as if you were pushing away the Earth before you, and keep good posture. You’ll feel the burn, but you’ll also feel the results.

While these exercises won’t add up to a full body workout, they can do you a world of good, are totally free to practice, and can also help you stretch. If looking to get started with a little more exercise, you can’t go wrong using them.   


  1. I have chronic pain due to a health condition and I watch a Walk Out Video (Leslie Sansone) and also occasionally watch Faithful Workouts. Any kind of exercise helps..even if you don't feel like doing it.

  2. Just what I needed! Thank you for sharing :)

  3. Thank you for sharing!! With four kiddos this will be very helpful!

  4. Great ideas! This will be helpful to keep active during the lockdowns!


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