Sunday, February 28, 2021

3 Situations For Which You'll Need A Lawyer

Most people don’t go through life wondering when they’ll have to hire a lawyer, but despite this, most of us do have to hire one at some point during our lives. Lawyers are depicted often as mean, crooked, intimidating or downright rude in the media and TV, but despite these portrayals, lawyers are your lifeline when it comes to going through the justice system.

Having a good lawyer on your side for any type of case is absolutely crucial to get the outcome you want. In this blog you will find out three situations for which you’ll need to hire a lawyer, and why an attorney can be so useful in this situation. Let’s get started!

After A Car Accident

After a car or any type of vehicle crash, it is normal to feel bewildered, scared or overwhelmed. For this reason, many people leave it until far too late to contact a personal injury attorney. No matter what the situation of the collision was, if there was another vehicle involved, you need to hire an attorney.

A personal injury attorney can help you claim compensation from your insurance by gathering and presenting your evidence in the firmest possible way. This way, you get a much better shot at successfully claiming compensation after your injury.

When Starting A Business

If you have always wanted to start a business, you might be considering this as a goal for 2021. Starting a business is a great achievement, but it is also no easy feat. Financially, emotionally, mentally and physically, kickstarting a new company can be truly exhausting.

One thing that is absolutely essential when starting a new business is getting your compliance and legal obligations sorted. Without proper compliance, payment, business licenses and premises rentals, your business will be technically operating illegally - the last thing you need for a budding company. A corporate lawyer can assist you in setting up your business by providing advice and structure to the process.

During A Divorce

Going through a divorce is a very difficult time, and many couples choose to go through the process amicably, without lawyers. While this is very admirable and does sometimes work out fine, if you share assets or children with your ex spouse, it is still wise to consult a lawyer. Even if your case doesn’t end up in family court, a divorce lawyer can cast their eye over your situation and give you expert guidance through the divorce process.

Particularly in instances when the couple has children, often divorces that start out amicable result in bitterness and lengthy arguments. That’s why having legal representation is the best idea; you can leave it to the experts to fight your battles for you.

Final Thoughts

While hiring a lawyer might not be on the cards for you right now, it is always useful to know when to take the plunge and contact a law firm. Use this blog as a guide if you find yourself in any of the above situations, and let your lawyer do the rest!


  1. Ashley Chassereau ParksMarch 2, 2021 at 7:58 AM

    Hiring a lawyer is definitely something I haven't set out to need. We did have to hire one after my dad's car accident to cover medical expenses and it was the hardest thing in the world to do after losing my dad. The lawyer was very kind and helpful during a terrible time. We have thought about starting our own business and we definitely need to get our wills set up (since we have 3 little ones). Lawyers are definitely a good resources when you need legal help!

  2. I hope I am never in one of these situations, but it is good information to know! Thank you :)

  3. These are situations where you definitely need a lawyer

  4. Great post! I am fortunate to not have had to hire a lawyer yet.

  5. So true about needing a lawyer to make sure everything is "set"

  6. I haven't used a lawyer yet, but we are thinking about contacting one to set up a will.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  7. This is such a good post thanks for sharing


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