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New Puppy Checklist: 5 Things You Need for a New Puppy

New Puppy Checklist: 5 Things You Need for a New Puppy

With over 85 million dogs in the United States, there are millions of families who live with a furry friend. If you’re a dog lover and thinking of getting a puppy, it’s important that you purchase the essentials before their arrival. With that in mind, here are five things you will need for a new puppy.

High-Quality Puppy Food

For the first 12 months, your puppy will need to have high-quality food that is specifically tailored towards their size, age, and development. Just like with babies, puppies need special nutrients to develop and grow properly. If you’re unsure of what food to give your puppy, speak with the breeder or visit your veterinarian who can advise you further.

Collar & Leash

Unlike an adult dog, your puppy will be new to wearing things, so it’s best to pick a collar and leash that are soft and adjustable, meaning they won’t irritate your puppy's sensitive neck. If you visit Monro Pets, you’ll find a range of comfortable dog collars that are designed to feel good on your pup and last a long time too. You can get a dog collar and leash set from this website so that you can ensure both items are safe and stylish.

Food & Water Bowl

While it may seem obvious, the type of food and water bowl you buy for your puppy can make a big difference. Stick with stainless-steel or ceramic bowls, as they’re easier to clean and they will not harbor bacteria. Stainless-steel and ceramic bowls are safe to put in your dishwasher too. No matter what bowls you pick for your puppy, make sure that they’re thoroughly cleaned every day and don’t leave any soft food or meat out for longer than an hour.


Just like you would with a baby, it’s important that you invest in comfortable bedding for your puppy to ensure they are warm and snuggly when sleeping. The bedding you purchase needs to be gentle, soft, and long-lasting. There is a range of pet beds that come in a variety of sizes and designs that cater to all dog breeds. If your puppy is struggling to sleep through the night, the bedding you have chosen could be a major cause.

Puppy-Friendly Toys

Whether you’ve owned a puppy before or not, we all know how much they love to roam around and have fun, so make sure that you buy puppy-friendly toys to keep them entertained. The last thing you want is for your puppy to become restless and cause havoc, so it’s recommended that you purchase five or six puppy toys that will keep your puppy busy. Keeping your puppy active is crucial, and there are many workouts you can do alongside your dog, so investing in the right toys is key.

Regardless of the breed of dog you get, you will need to dedicate a lot of your care and attention to your puppy, so it’s important that you create a checklist beforehand to ensure your furry friend has everything they need.


  1. I agree with the tip about high-quality dog food. I think a lot of people don't think about this for new pets.

  2. These were all really good tips. I really miss having puppies, but we found out that we have parvo on our property so it isn't safe for us. I have 3 grown doggies that have their boosters every year, but I so miss that puppy stage!!

  3. Excellent post. Don't leave the most important things,,,,,,time and love.

  4. These are great tips. It is very important to take care of our dogs who give us so much love.

  5. Great tips! We want to get a puppy in the near future!

  6. i agree with food and toys,,puppies need lots of enrichment and distractions to help train them when they are young,toys are a great distraction if they try chewing items they shouldnt be

  7. Great tips, we also got our puppy a toothbrush so he could get use to us brushing his teeth.

  8. Thanks for this post. We don't have a dog because we have so many cats. I grew up with dogs.

  9. love these tips will keep in my mind


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