Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Feel Comfy This Summer With These 5 Tips

Summer is one of the best seasons around if you’re a love of everything sun-soaked. Being at the beach and sinking your toes in the sand often require you to go shopping and be ready with an army of dresses and shorts to make your summer feel as comfortable as possible. The problem with that is that not everyone feels comfortable baring their legs or sporting a top that is sliced at the midriff. 

You need to find a summer style that will suit you, and you should find one that makes you feel confident and stylish the whole season. You should step onto that beach no matter your shape, your size or whether you deal with summer chafing around the legs - there’s always a solution for it. The key is being as confident as you can possibly feel in ladies plus size tops and flowy skirts, dresses that nip in that Fifties waist and hats that will protect you from the onslaught of the heat. Girls, you need some style tips to feel comfortable, and here they are!

1. Pick Awesome Accessories. Chunky jewelry may weigh too heavily while you are on the beach and getting warm, so why not choose a more delicate style of jewels this summer? Smaller earrings and thinner chains won’t make you so hot and they’ll keep you comfortable while you’re away. You can also invest in a great oversized tote bag, too, which will be perfect for beach use.

2. Think About Materials. While it’s nice to buy linen trousers and dresses, linen can actually make you feel so sweaty. You need to think about lighter cottons in whites and pale colors to deflect the sunshine. The lighter the materials, the cooler you’ll feel and the better you will feel, too. Cotton dresses and t-shirts aren't too clingy, and they won’t feel like they’re weighing on your skin.

3. The Right Fit. Girls, it doesn't matter WHAT size or shape you are, but if you’re not wearing clothes that sit right on you, your confidence is going to be shot right down. You need to find summer clothes that are going to fit you comfortably, whether that’s a clingy top or a swimsuit with a skirt to make you feel better about yourself. 

4. Choose Pockets! So many different dresses and skirts now have pockets all built into them. This can be such a help when you’re on the beach and you don't want to carry tons of bags with you. You need to feel equipped, and pockets can really help!

5. Choose Colors Wisely. We mentioned whites and pale colors, and there’s a good reason. You deserve to not feel like you're drowning in sweat and the sun is cooking you under your top. So, invest in clothing that is designed to be reflective of the heat.

You should enjoy a summer filled with bathing and having fun, and that means buying the clothes and accessories that make you feel good on the inside as much as they do the outside.


  1. Great tips! I think my wardrobe this summer will be maxi dresses & flowy skirts exclusively! :)

  2. Comfort is key for me.
    I need comfort for my feet which is where the posture and everything starts.
    Thanks for the ideas.

  3. Love the tip, comfort is so important.

  4. Great tips. I love cotton & linen fabrics in summer.

  5. i am a plus size woman and i love these tips. thank you!

  6. I like the pocket tip. Those come in handy!

  7. Thank you for the solid tips. I am especially bad in wearing dark colors during Summer. I need to get some white clothing for sure.

  8. Thank you for the great suggestions. I especially like your idea on accessories.

  9. I love clothing with pockets. I won't buy pants or shorts without them.

  10. Love that outfit. I need to go shopping for some more comfy clothes, now that I'm working from home.


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