Thursday, June 11, 2020

Bringing The 90s Back: What You Should Know

Over the last few years the 90s has been a huge trend. People aren't watching VHS video tapes and listening to cassettes, but they are dressing like we’ve gone back in time. If you want to try out the 90s trend for yourself, there are so many fun ways you can do this. You can do it with your hair, makeup, and clothes to create a full on 90s look that’s just a little more polished than it would have been back then.

Invest In Some Butterfly Clips

Butterfly clips are possibly one of the most 90s accessories ever - plus, you can make so many fun hairstyles with them! Clip back multiple sections at the front of your head for a Hilary Duff-esque look. Use them to keep your hair out of your face, or even to create a stylish up-do. 90s hairstyles are super cute and a little bit edgy, too.

Tie A Head Scarf

A head scarf worn like this is the ultimate calling of a badass 90s chick. If you didn’t have one of these in the 90s, what were you thinking? Oh well - what better time to invest in one than right now! These are everywhere at the moment, and they look great worn on a casual day out to keep your hair secure and out of your face.

Practice Your Makeup 

90s makeup had its moments. Eyebrows were super thin and lips were a little bit out there with super dark liner, but there are ways you can make this work today. For example, frosted eyeshadow can look cute paired with the right kind of look, so why not try it out? There’s nothing wrong with using a darker liner, either, providing it’s not too much of a contrast to your lipstick shade!

Buy Some Body Jewelry

The belly piercing was one of the most popular piercings of the 90s, along with the nose piercing. If you want to switch up your look and do something fun, a belly piercing or another 90s piercing might just be the way to do it. Just make sure you read up on the risks first of all, and always go to a reputable piercer. Do your research or you could end up with an infection! 

Try 90s Style Clothing

90s clothing can be found everywhere. Metallic or patterned slip dresses, casual oversized t-shirt and cycling shorts, and matching sets - think the Olsen Twins - can all be found on Instagram. So many brands create 90s style fashion, such as Motel Rocks and ASOS. If you really want to chanell that 90s vibe, take a look. 

Buy Vintage Items 

What better way to channel a 90s vibe than to buy vintage? You’ll be wearing real 90s clothes! Jackets are the ideal vintage item to buy, as well as oversized jumpers. 

How will you start channeling the 90s look? Leave your own thoughts in the comments below! 


  1. goodness I remember the 90's and still have some clothing from there and the 80's so I guess I am now in fashion a bit. Unfortunately the clothing no longer fits me, but my 18 yr old loves to follow new trends so she is all set as far as clothing goes.

  2. I'm so glad this fashion is coming back, I love it <3

  3. The 90's was the best era. Very nice post!

  4. 90s was the best!! Loved it!

  5. I enjoyed that post. I remember the 1990s well. Every decade has its fashion peculiarities for the good and the not-so-good.

  6. For some goofy reason, I actually saved my 'original, vintage' butterfly clips. My daughter loves them now. There were definitely some things from the 90's that I will not be repeating, but headscarves are definitely going to get worked-in.

  7. I loved the 80s and the 90s.. these are great ideas!

  8. Haaaaaa. Great post! Since scrunchies have already been making a comeback, don't forget they have more than one purpose/use: Try gathering your (oversized) t-shirt in a side knot and holding it with your cool scrunchie! :)
    -Ann B.

  9. The fashion was bad enough the first time around.

  10. Growing up in the '90s, I am glad some of the fashion is coming back! Especially the Butterfly Clps! yes!

  11. I love it. Especially the vintage items.

  12. I love the 90's since I grew up in this decade.

  13. I love butterfly clips, I think they are so cute

  14. I remember the oversized t-shirts & cycling shorts!

  15. I loved to use butterfly clips when I was younger! I definitely to get them again!


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