Tuesday, May 12, 2020

How to Improve Female Pleasure During Sex

Whether you are a woman who is looking to increase your own pleasure or the partner of a woman who wants to do more to please her, these tips are sure to help. The products listed below can both increase the sensitivity of the female sex organs and make it more likely that a woman will reach orgasm. Try any or all of these methods to see what works best for you and your partner.

Sexual Enhancement Cream

One way to improve the sensitivity of a woman's sex organs, namely the clitoris, is sexual enhancement cream. These types of creams are similar in viscosity and the general look/feel of vaginal lubricant but are used mainly on the clitoris and surrounding area, rather than inside the vagina.

Once the cream is applied, there may be a tingling or warming sensation on the clitoris, which will increase sensitivity. This can, in turn, work to improve a woman's libido and increase her chances of reaching an orgasm. One great brand of sexual enhancement cream to check out is SCREAM CREAM, which is made and sold by a medical website, so customers can be sure their information is kept private and the product is safe.

Vaginal Lubricant

The most common way to increase female pleasure during sex is to use vaginal lubricants. These lubricants are typically thought of as something that only women who are going through/have gone through menopause need but its actually great for women who experience vaginal dryness for any reason.

Like sexual enhancement creams, lubricants sometimes also increase the sensitivity to the female sex organs. However, some simply work to reduce vaginal dryness. Either way, the right lubricant can help to do wonders to increase female pleasure.

Unless the directions on the bottle state otherwise, there are two basic ways to apply lubricant that women should keep in mind. The first way is to apply the lubricant directly to the clitoris or inside the vagina. The second way is to apply the lubricant on your partner's penis or on your sex toy. Either way, it's generally best to try to warm up the lubricant first but rubbing it in your hands. This can help to make it more effective.

Sex Toys

Sex toys, whether you are enjoying some sexy time by yourself or with a partner can help to improve pleasure and increase the chances of achieving orgasm. Did you know that almost 40% of women cannot reach orgasm without some sort of clitoral stimulation? Sometimes, penetration just isn't enough. For this reason, especially for couples who are not into oral sex, it can be helpful to invest in sex toys that stimulate the clitoris. Some sex toys to try out include clitoral stimulators, rabbit vibrators, and vibrating cock rings.

Whether you want to increase your pleasure for solo-playing, with your partner, or if you are trying to increase your partner's satisfaction, any of these products can help. Use one or all of them at once to see how they can improve your sex life.


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