Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Why Being Able to Write Is Important in Today's Job Market


Would you really love to get an English degree, but you are afraid that this would sentence you to a life of sitting in cafes, googling your favorite store and searching CraigsList for jobs? Stop worrying and start scheduling your classes because employers today are seeking out people know how to write and communicate effectively and creatively. So let's look at some of the skills that English majors need to learn and why those abilities are valuable to businesses.


One of the things English majors do the most is. Someone with an English degree is taught to put words on paper--or on a computer screen that convey a message. Professional writers craft works of fiction, such as novels and short stories, or non-fiction, like books, magazine and newspaper articles and blog posts. English majors know how to write in different styles for different audiences and learn to follow style guides, which are collections of rules for writing that apply to particular disciplines, such as the Modern Language Association style or the American Psychological Association style. English majors also learn to edit a piece of writing, as well as proofread for errors. They are also used to listening to the ideas of others regarding their work, and develop an objective attitude toward criticism.


In order to keep up with their coursework, English majors must learn to read quickly and retain the information. This is not a major where you can simply cram for the test the night before and then forget the information. Studying for an English degree requires that you understand what you read and be able to discuss it in detail. The ability to get through a large amount of information and retain it well is a valuable skill in today's business climate.


Another valuable skill that English majors learn during their time in college is the ability to do research. In order to write well-supported and documented argumentative papers, people who are working towards an English degree learn the best and most trustworthy sites to use as sources. They learn how to locate these sources and how to use the information provided to support an argument. This is a very valuable and marketable skill.


The final skill that English majors possess is one that most people who earn a college degree can claim, and that is organization. In order to complete your work on time, you must be organized. You must manage your time well, work efficiently and pay attention to deadlines. These are skills that any employer values. Far from being a worthless piece of paper, an English degree can take you where you want to go.

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  1. Yes! Just because you can get away with grammar errors and bad spelling in texts and such, doesn't mean you don't need to know how write a good letter or report.

  2. I think that you make a number of good points about the sort of skills typically learned by those who major in English (or a related area of study). I’d like to add, though, that having a degree in English, or even having a degree at all, does not imply that one has these skills— or, is what one might consider a “good writer.”

  3. Good points! I'm always surprised at how sloppy people are these days with grammar and spelling. Studying English, or just taking a few classes, could benefit a lot of us.


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