Sunday, April 28, 2019

On-Trend Led Wall Mirrors‎ From Decoraport USA

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Led Wall Mirrors‎ From Decoraport USA

Decoraport USA is an online platform which delivers products directly to consumers in the US.  They offer home decoration materials, home & garden, furniture, appliances, sports & outdoor, etc. They have built a fulfillment infrastructure, delivery network and showroom to support their fast growth and ensure customer satisfaction. Their new retailing system allows prices to be a minimum of 20% lower than competitors.

The On-Trend Led Wall Mirror is super hot right now and Decoraport USA has the best!

Touch control has become a standard feature for Led mirrors and now there are more control technologies applied such as the infrared sense control allowing it to work with wet hands. 

Bluetooth is another popular technology you can see in the market. There is a Bluetooth speaker installed to link with your smart phone so you can sit in the tub and enjoy your favorite tunes!

Anti-fog is installed to heat up the mirror's surface and get rid of the steam and the adjustable lighting allows you to dim or brighten the light. 

Now it is the time to refresh your bathroom with a smart led mirror from Decoraport USA!

For more information visit Decoraport USA and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Definitely like the anti fog feature.

  2. These mirrors look amazing. Love all the features, especially that it is touch controlled and comes with anti-fog technology.

  3. these look so modern, I love it. these seem perfect for any makeup wearer for the bathroom!

  4. I would love one of these for my bathroom, these are very cool!

  5. Now, that is a mirror that I could totally fall in love with in my bathroom!

  6. I've been seeing these online and love the concept! I'm sure my daughter would love a mirror upgrade in her bathroom!

  7. I’ve never heard of this brand before – but sounds like you liked them! I’ll have to check them out when i next shop for mirrors x