Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ask Bongo Answers All Your Questions Via SMS

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The Ask Bongo App Answers All Your Questions Via SMS

Ask Bongo

My kids love trying out new technology and apps on their smartphone. We recently found out about another new app called Ask Bongo! If you have kids that love apps, you will want to check this out!

They had a lot of fun asking silly questions and even a few serious ones. I was pretty impressed with the hilarious responses. For a Monkey, Bongo is very cool. So, who is Bongo?

Bongo is a super intelligent monkey from the shores of Borneo (that’s an island in the Pacific Ocean if you didn’t know), who lives to dish the dirt 24/7! You can get an answer to any question anytime! That’s because Bongo knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE! It’s super simple to use Bongo.

So, you may be wondering just how Bongo gets his information? Well, Bongo works thanks to a number of intelligent human researchers and a very sophisticated software application with a huge database. You just ask Bongo your question and within a few minutes, you get back an answer via text message. 

What kinds of questions would you Ask Bongo to help you with? Maybe you’d like to know what to do for vacation? Or, what your boyfriend is doing this weekend?

Simply send your FULL NAME & TOWN and instantly be amazed with his knowledge! It’s amazing what Bongo knows! Download Ask Bongo today.

Meet Carolyn Thompson

Caroline Thompson is the Business Development Manager at Ask Bongo

Caroline Thompson is the Business Development Manager at Ask Bongo. Renowned for her unmatched business development prowess, Caroline Thompson has only continued to add to an already lengthy list of impressive professional accomplishments. In her current role as the business development manager with Ask Bongo, Ms. Thompson frequently draws on her extensive experience as an executive with the goal of ensuring the Australia-based company continues to grow as the country’s largest SMS information service.

A resident of Bondi Beach and a graduate of the University of New South Wales, Ms. Thompson played a central role in developing the persona of Bongo, the super-intelligent and insatiably curious monkey responsible for answering the questions posed by users of the SMS information service. Ms. Thompson also applied her business development acumen to the more technical aspects of Ask Bongo, ensuring that the company provides its users with exceptional service thanks to a massive database, highly sophisticated software application, and an impressive team of professional researchers.

While many executives would feel a sense of contentment upon achieving so much in such a relatively brief period of time, Ms. Thompson remains deeply motivated by the new possibilities available through her role as Ask Bongo’s business development manager. After achieving a key business development goal when Ask Bongo became the largest SMS information service in Australia, Ms. Thompson immediately shifted her focus on the development of a strategic plan designed to achieve a new set of ambitious business development goals.

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