Thursday, October 26, 2017

Say Good Bye To Odors With Funkaway

This is a sponsored post with FunkAway and BraVoMark. All opinions are mine.

Nothing smells worse than a sweaty gym bag and mildew. The odor that comes from sneakers, gear and clothes after a long sweaty practice or a run. Now there is a product that helps eliminate that smell with an easy spray!

There are other deodorizers on the market, but there’s never been a formula for athletic and work gear quite like FunkAway. There’s no use of “cover-up” fragrances to try and keep the odor from ruining everyone’s day. FunkAway doesn’t mask the odor—instead it eliminates it. 

This new solution is aimed for people who want to eliminate nasty odors instantly.  Such as items that you can’t wash or immediately wash. FunkAway recognizes that many of us work hard and play harder. You can spray it on sports equipment for football, lacrosse, baseball, and hockey. Hard hats, helmets, tool belts, socks, and workout gear is only the beginning. Any odor coming from equipment would be ideal to apply FunkAway on. Just remember if the item absorbs sweat, you can spray FunkAway to eliminate the odor.

Using FunkAway odor eliminating spray is easy. Generously spray anything you sweat in such as athletic equipment, work gear and shoes immediately after use and allow the spray to dry. And say goodbye to the stink. Use the spray on everything from hard hats, tool belts and harnesses, to hockey, football and lacrosse equipment and more. Try it on common clothing like socks, jocks, and workout gear—anything that smells after a hard day on the field, rink, court, treadmill or job site. Even the smelliest shoes can smell new again with FunkAway. If it can absorb sweat, FunkAway can eliminate the odor.

Tips for using FunkAway!

  • Spray the clothes or equipment right immedietely
  • Spray all of the nooks and crannies that are breeding grounds for foul-smelling bacteria. 
  • Allow everything to air dry completely
  • If it has a lot of funk, spray it a second time.
  • Repeat each time clothes or gear has funk!

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